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I've Been Here Awhile
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I am just readng that the Q10 uses more data. I had a bold and never had a problem. Why did Rogers not tell me this. I would have just taken a 9900 . I had an older bold.    Please explain this to me. I cannot afford to increase my phone bill. Ty.

Please PM me Thank you. GrannyD 


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Re: Q10

The 9900, is pretty much discontinued now.. if you can/could find one.. its hit and miss.

But yes, the newer phones do use more data.  Depending on what you use it for, it might not make a difference (if say you are only getting emails on it, you dont go to webpages, etc).  (yes, the rogers person should have told you this).

Best bet, is go back to the store.
Most of the stores, will offer free basic training on how to use the phone.
Some locations (usually the corporate owned Rogers Plus stores), often have specfic training days.  They will have a callendar posted, which will show on certain days, they have little training/information sessions on different phones. 

Might be worth attending one of those.



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Re: Q10

BlackBerry decided to get rid of BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) for BB10 phones because in many parts of the world, a BIS data plan cost a lot more than a regular data plan. I wish we were given the choice of which one to use on our phone but we weren't.


This would be a good time to remind you to use Wi-Fi whenever possible. More and more public places are offering free Wi-Fi to their customers so make sure you take advantage of it often. I also have an unlimited data package on my home internet so you can bet I'm using Wi-Fi in my house all the time.



Cheers.  🙂

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Re: Q10

I would recommend caution while using public wifi; for chitchat emails or browsing news it’s totally fine of course, however try not to use any apps that may expose sensitive info, such as banking or work accounts