Q10 data overage!!!

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Q10 data overage!!!

I purchased my Q10 a few weeks ago (upgraded from Bold 9900).  The salesperson at the store warned me that the new BB10's are data hogs by holy cow!!  I was usually around 100mb a month, but I'm just over half way through my billing cycle and I'm already over my 500mb monthly plan!!!!


I mostly send/receive emails, facebook, calendar, clock, remember apps.  I have uploaded 3 pics taken on my phone to facebook, downloaded maybe a dozen ringtones, used the browser a couple of times and that's pretty much it.  Nothing out of the ordinary as far as what I normally do.


Any thoughts?  Suggestions for how to cut back on the massive data use (well, compared to what I'm used to!)?  I really can't afford to upgrade my data, now that I'm paying for the phone!!


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Re: Q10 data overage!!!

Truthfuly, the Q10 isnt that much more of a data hog, than say any other smart phone.
The difference is now, the new blackberries, are like other smart phones (iphone, android, etc), that they use NORMAL data.

The older blackberries, EVERYTHING went through RIM, and the phones themselves because of this, used a much higher compression, making the amount of data actualy used, much smaller.

The newer ones no longer do that.. so the data is no longer compressed.


Really, the only option is to cut back on your data usage habbits.. or find a way to afford a higher plan.
Which plan are you on right now? (what features and for how much?)


Only other thing, is if you are in an area where there is wifi (home, work, etc), make sure to connect the phone to that, as that will not use your cellular usage.

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Re: Q10 data overage!!!

For the sake of comparison, pre-BB10 phones typically use about one-third the data of other smartphones. Put another way, other brands use three times more data so you can see what a difference the data compression makes. 



Cheers.   🙂

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Re: Q10 data overage!!!

It may go without saying but make sure you are on wifi when ever possible

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Re: Q10 data overage!!!

I have run into similar constraints.


I signed up for Rogers' 150MB plan, as I have always been a very light user and am within WIFI range 90% of my workdays


For the first 10 days after having swapped my old Bold 9700 for my Q10, I was on track for staying comfortably within my data limit (using about 1MB per day on average).  Then, on Day 11, something unusual happened (no idea what), and my Q10 ate through 140MB within ONE HOUR (the tech guy confirmed this data useage pattern when I phoned to complain).


Since that time, I have made a habit of generally keeping data switched off, apart from those moments when I am actively using the phone (I do manually flip data on for a few minutes to check e-mail and then quickly switch it off again)  It isn't ideal, but this practice works for me since I'm almost never outside WIFI on weekdays.


If I encounter a situation where I absolutely need my phone and there is no WIFI (e.g., day at the ski hill), I plan to pop my SIM into the old trustworthy 9700 (which still works fine, and consumes next to no data).

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Re: Q10 data overage!!!

Hello buchoman

You guys need to understand tho that the old Blackberries uses BIS where the New Blackbarries use normal smartphone data. The normal smartphone data is not compressed like BIS is. Thus Data can go more higher on the Q10 & Z10.

Also question. Do you leave any apps open when not on wifi? Anything that will get data starting?
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Resident Expert
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Re: Q10 data overage!!!

Unfortunately meowmix is correct about this.  And its not rogers fault either.. its blackberry who changed this. its the same on any and all carriers that use the new blackberries.

As he said, the older BB devices, uses BIS.  Under BiS, these phones compressed the data, anywhere from 3-5 as small as that data packet normaly would be, compared to any other regular data on any other smart phone.
With the new devices.. they are running like just about any other smartphone... with not compression as they are not going through the BIS.

I am suprised when you got your new phone, the rep (store or online) didnt look at this.. as 150, is still a very small amount of data for any smartphone (everything other than a BIS BB)

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Re: Q10 data overage!!!

I have to semi-revive this thread.

My wife just had an allout with Rogers about her Q10.

Initially on her old 9800 she had a 500MB plan and never came close to the limit just doing basic email/facebook, minimal web browsing.


Switched to Q10 and her plan to the 1GB limit.

She's on Mat leave and at home on Wifi and the fist month her phone was under 500Mb's but she uses my old captivate glide during the day as well as her laptop. So phone use is minimal.


This month however, her Q10 reports that she used 1.8 GB's of data. I'm in the mobile QA field, so I know a lot about Android and BackBerry devices.  I set up her phone and all she has is her gmail and hotmail accounts and facebook (with a sideload of instagram (no videos). She barely uses any thing else except BBM/SMS/MMS.


How it goes to 1.8GB is BEYOND me. The Rogers App on the device constantly freezes/crashes and has basically never worked from the beginning. Tried called Rogers Tech Support and they say "We don't know"


Any FREE worthwhile data monitoring apps? I seem to only find the paid ones, unless a find it from a 3rd party site.


Rogers Employee grandpajim
Rogers Employee
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Re: Q10 data overage!!!

The newer blackberries no longer use the RIM high encryption and high compression that older blackberries did. Also high data over a short period of time is usually a program doing a full update through the rogers network while the phone is idle.

See more info about data usage below.


There are many factors that can contribute to data overage on your bill.  Here are some tips on how to prevent data overage with almost any device:  Download the user guide to your computer. No one can decide your settings for you so take the time to review your settings.


  • Wi-Fi: Turn off data to prevent the Rogers network having the stronger signal than WIFI. Use Wi-Fi whenever possible to help reduce your data charges. Note: Some apps require the security of the rogers network and will not work through WIFI.
  • Streaming: Media/Video streaming has a huge impact on your data usage. Limit what you are streaming on your device.  Another option is to turn off data and stream using a Wi-Fi connection. 

  • Online Gaming: Playing game that requires a constant data connection (e.g. RPG, MMO, etc) can impact your data usage for the month. To determine if a game is using data Step 1 Turn off cell data but leave WIFI on  An error will tell you it is probably using Rogers data and will not work through WIFI. Step 2 Now turn off wifi and cell data. If you get an error the program is using data but will work through WIFI.  Recommended you turn off data and stream using a Wi-Fi connection if possible.

  • Downloading Apps & updates: All programs do regular updates (usually while the phone is not in use) & some can be quite large. It is worth while to check settings for updates, some you can change others you cannot but it is worth taking the time to find out. Also if you like to download Apps a lot, then this can contribute to data overage as well. You can try downloading/updating your Apps via Wi-Fi (with data turned off) or through your computer & appropriate desktop program.

  • Apps that use data; There are many Apps that use data to update their programming, or update current information. Be careful to read the stipulations of the any Apps you download. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others frequently update posts while the amounts may be small they can add up especially posts that include pictures or other media files. Read and change notification settings (time consuming but worth it)  for the above programs to reduce the amount of posts or funny pictures sent to your phone via these programs. They use data even if you don't view them. No one can decide your settings for you so take the time to review your notification settings.

  • Programs running in the background: Most devices allow you to turn off the applications running in the background.  You can shut these applications down in settings usually found in "Running programs".

  • Turn off GPS: GPS is a very useful tool to have on your Smartphone. GPS uses a huge amount of battery life . It is always advisable to turn this off when not in use. GPS also uses up a huge amount of data if use wireless networks is enabled and when downloading maps for a new location or during an update. Option 1 turn GPS off. Option 2  Turn off use wireless networks (WIFI & cell towers)

  • Tethering (Personal Hotspot): This feature allows you to share your Android cellular data connection with other devices. (e.g. Computer, Tablets, etc.) Limiting your use of tethering can help to prevent data overage.
Rogers Employee grandpajim
Rogers Employee
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Re: Q10 data overage!!!

The rogers MyAccount app will help you to monitor your usage. Note the app does not record usage in real time. There may be a delay of up to 24-72hrs.
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