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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Q10 Release

So, I tried to walk into a store to get the device since reservations don't seem to mean anything.


Dropped by Eaton Center to get some stuff so I figure why not roll the dice and see if they have the Q10? Walk in (about 6pm) ask the guy at the door if they have Q10 in black and he tells me I need to sign in. Tell him I'm not waiting if they don't it. He says he doesn't know and needs to check so I need to sign in to have him check. Give name he tells me off that he can't be in two places at once and then checks stock and tells me they have it. I sit down to wait and not happy that I can walk in and get a phone while my reservation is in progress. 

Name is called in a few minutes and agent tells me that my flextab is $60 more than it says on My Rogers. Makes me call 611. 

(6:18) Wait on hold to figure out what is going on. Finally get it resolved by them crediting me back the difference. 

(6:30) Start paperwork on "upgrade". Ask him not to activate SIM because they have two hour provisioning delay at the moment and can't be without phone that long. He gives me evil eye but continues with sale. 

(6:35) Computer crashes so the sale is half way done. He needs to call in to call ctr to finish transaction. 

(6:50) Starts doing walk out working stuff and discovers device is white. 

So folks, almost an hour of my life wasted. Find out that my account is screwed up again and definetly not amused that they wasted my time. Hope my reservation gets here soon. 

Rogers, why must you always fail?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Q10 Release

Hello moxy

I am sorry to hear that it all went down like that:(.


The computer crashes as many sells are going threw. Telus & Bell have the same issues with their computers. They crash when its overloaded & such.

The Flextab is the same with everyone. Rogers reps at the store & over the phone will see a $50-60 difference until you point it out to them & have them call Rogers & figure it out ( or do it your self at the store). This is something Rogers needs to fix as well.

Did you complain to the store manager about the rep giving the wrong info on which device they had in stock? Color wise i mean..

In the end, just wait for your reservation on to come in. I understand you are frustrated & believe me i would be as well.