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Put in a complaint two days ago, said I would hear back in 1 day... How long is a day at Rogers?

I've Been Around

I will give you some background...


May 2014

In May I called to have my internet changed from 250GB Unlimited to Hybrid Fibre 150.


Was told I needed to switch modems, answered that because my security system uses the modem I had to get the new modem before returning the old one. Was told that wasn't possible.


After going around with customer service for a bit, I finally had enough and started arguing why i should have to change the mdem at all. The CGN2-ROG has enough channel bonds to support 150Mb/s. Was put through to technical support and they confirmed that Rogers LIKES to have the modem changed but there is no technical reason to do so.


So, I go away happy, the speeds jump and we are all good.


Sept 2014

Received a notification that I had gone over my bandwidth allotment. When I checked my account online I was surprised to see that I was again at the 250GB Unlimited plan. Looking back, the speeds had fallen back to the 75Mb/s mark.


Called customer support. They couldn't see my account history, but put through the change to Fibre 150. Same discussion about the modem. I ask if a supervisor could help me get approval to return the CGN2 after installing the CGN3. Nope, I am out of luck. And the agent is adamant that technically the CGN2 won't work with the fibre150 plan. Asked her to make sure to log the call and got the transaction details (interaction number). I asked her to ensure that the entire conversation was logged in the system, that I would be escalating via the process.


Used the form on contact us, explaining all the above and asking since my account is paid ontime and in full (and my monthly bill exceeds the cost of the CGN3) could I perform the return the next day.


The form says I will hear back within 1 day. Nope, it is now end of day 2 after the completion (interaction and form were both done Wednesday evening Sept 10th). Wake up this morning and the internet is down, had to perform a modem reboot. Hope it is unrelated, but who knows.


What is the realistic expected time on when I can hear back? Why does it take jumping through these sorts of hoops to be able to do business when I give Rogers so much money every month?


Re: Put in a complaint two days ago, said I would hear back in 1 day... How long is a day at Rogers?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The contact us form, from my experience, was usually 2-3 days.... not sure why it would say 1 day.. its always been longer than that.


As for the Modem thing, i do agree with you, that in the case that the SPEED wise, the CGN2, can more than handle the speed for it.
The big thing is for it.. is congestion.  As more and more people are getting higher packages, and higher speeds and putting more demand... even with an 8 channel modem can suffer congestion.

(i have heard, that SHAW is experiencing this.. they ONLY hae 8 channel, and they are running into issues with their 150 packages, and are going to discontinue them, as they are not going to implement the stuff needed for 24 channel, etc)

So there is a valid reason, they are trying to get people over to the CGN3.

(as well, comparing the CGN2 and 3.. the 3 is a MUCH better device.)


I see you mention the security system.  Is this the rogers one? or another?
I have the rogers one.. which obviously  uses the net.  For the plan change to 60/10, i needed to switch to the CGN3 (from the 4 channel SMC).  I scheduled a rogers TECH to come out, they brought the new modem, unpluged and pluged in new, made sure the security system was configured, etc, and made sure that the new plan was set properly.

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