Problems with the netbox 3.0

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Problems with the netbox 3.0

we have noticed that the radio stations 901-949 are staticy like driving thru the country. I have switched the box out and has a tech come out and not resolved I have been talking to tech on twitter and no one ever response to me and if they do they say they never come back does anyone have this problemSmiley Mad



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Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Problems with the netbox 3.0

Just checked 901 to about 930 here.. about 60 seconds on a channel.. and every one of them seemed clear.

So my first thought, would be signal.  I beleive the radio stations are on the ouside edge of the freqencies on the cable, so a bad signal, they would be effeccted more..
But would ASSUME with a tech out, they would have checked the full signal.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Problems with the netbox 3.0

Slowdowns Nextbox 3.0 software rev 6.0

On my 1st occurrence it was severe and there was no way out except to reboot via Diagnostic Menu.

On my 2nd occurrence and attempt at reboot the reboot failed until I powered off using the remote.

On my 3rd occurrence the slowdown was noticeable but not disabling however I did observe that the search function was returning "Search results failed to load (#)" (the # represents the number of results available). So the search function fails but is restored after the reboot. The reboot via the Diagnostic menu failed until I powered off using the remote.


Observation: These slowdowns seem eerily similar to the infamous Windows system slowdowns requiring a reboot to recover from.


I've Been Around
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Re: Problems with the netbox 3.0

been having lots of trouble with the WIFI the last couple of days too ... wonder if there is a connection