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Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S ll LTE

I Plan to Stick Around



I have recieved a call on this device, but apparently I couldn't get any audio or a response from the person on the other end. I am also experiencing not getting any calls on this device. When I told by someone they try to call me, they say I am unavalible even though I have no busy status on. 


I have updated it to Android 4.0, but it seems to not fix the problem of getting a dead signal when picking up a call or not recieving a call. I am working on a reset of my device with all the content backed up through Kies which I hope works because it could be a problem with the pre-installed software.


If that fails, what does tech support usually do since it is my only phone and I cannot stand a few weeks without the device.


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Re: Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S ll LTE

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Retired Moderator

Hello GTAmissions1,

Are you still having troubles? Did you contact support? We would try to fix the device by troubleshooting over the phone first, however if we cannot there are 2 warranty options available also.


Manufacturer's Warranty coverage (16-365 days from date of purchase)*

The following warranty programs offered are based on the model of your device:

Courtesy Phone & Repair Program
A courtesy phone will be provided for the duration of the repair
A $50 refundable deposit may be required


Advance Exchange Program
Troubleshooting will be performed and if deemed in-warranty you will be sent a refurbished replacement device within 5 business days or less.
A premium service fee of $35 applies.


To complete the proper troubleshooting it may require you to call from another device:(


Let me know if you are still having problems and I can try to help,





Re: Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S ll LTE

I've Been Around



I am also experiencing the same problems:


- Not receiving text messages from other person (tried it out with a friend who was beside me; sent me text, did not receive it)

- Takes multiple re-sends to send messages through

- Calls go straight to voicemail

- Picked up phone call, all there is, is just silence on the other line

- Calls aren't going through, must try multiple re-dials to get it through


Did a factory re-set on the phone and I also updated my phone and it still has the same problems.


Maybe Rogers should look into this problem..

Re: Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S ll LTE

I Plan to Stick Around

i too have had an issue with this as well and i called rogers and the guy reset the network on their end and so far so good only had one call just trying it try that first hope this helps

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