Problems with Rogers on Demand?

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Problems with Rogers on Demand?

Is anyone having problems with Rogers on Demand?  For the last 2 days I haven't been able to go on rogers on demand.  When I click on the channel is says: unavailable, please try again later.  Should I try resetting my digital box, or is this an internal issue with Rogers?





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Re: Problems with Rogers on Demand?

My RoD was working earlier today.
COULD be your area..


But yes, your best bet in cases like that, first thing to try, would be to reboot the box.

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Re: Problems with Rogers on Demand?

Hello blondie6232

Every time i have this issue, i just reboot the box & it goes back to normal. Sometimes during the nights with the boxs gets updated & such, some things may not work properly until you reboot the box.