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Problems with On Demand

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Is anyone having problems with using On Demand?  I've tried watching both movies and TV shows and neither work.  I can select shows/movies to watch but then nothing picture, can't fast forward or anything.  When I hit stop, the show/movie appears in my "Saved Videos" option but if I select it and press play, nothing happens.  This seems to have just started recently so I'm wondering if it's a side effect of an "upgrade".


I'd appreciate any input from the Community!






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Re: Problems with On Demand

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Tried a reboot yet?

Some of the older Sara boxes are having issues right now with not updating the guide, etc. wonder if effecting the rod and similar services as well.

Re: Problems with On Demand

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that did it! Thanks so much!...GDkitty

Re: Problems with On Demand

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I tried hitting VOD for a show for the first time and got a message saying it wasn't working. Tried again later and got the same message. Is anyone else having problems with this function?


..and yes I've already re-booted. Is this function only available with certain packages? We've got the Cisco Nextbox.

Re: Problems with On Demand

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Okay. Is no one else experienceing problems with VOD? We have the Cisco PVR (about 2 years old). I used SEARCH to find a particular episode of a show. Sometimes I get nothing sometimes I see a list of shows. Last night I got the list of episodes marked as VOD. I selected the episode I wanted and clicked on it. I got the following message: An error occurred when launching VOD (3).


I'm paying for service I'm not receiving.


Looks like next stop is Twitter or Facebook.

Re: Problems with On Demand

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I find the best results for using VOD fo watch TV shows is to use the ON Demand button --click on the network ( CBC, CTV, Global etc.) and select the show and episode from there.

Using "search" I notice many shows and episodes are not listed.
Note: I have the Nextbox 2.
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