Problems hooking up WII with digital tv

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Problems hooking up WII with digital tv

Hi there,

I recently got digital cable and they disconnected my WII to connect the digital box.  I can't seem to find a way to connect the WII with the digital box because they both require the 5 connectors jack inputs, when there are only enough on the TV for 1 set.

Rogers gave me an adaptor to plug into the digital box but it doesn't give me any sound.  What else can i do?  I need my WII.  Digital cable is creating an inconvenience for me.

Any help would be appreciated.




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Re: Problems hooking up WII with digital tv

Just go out spend $10-15 on a good quality HDMI Cable, and connect your Digital STB to your TV with the HDMI connection,then use the Component (5 wires) for your nintendo WI.   Your responsibility to know if your TV can accept different connections, and just because rogers supplies the component cables does not mean you HAVE to connect it this way, you have the option of hdmi, but they wont sit there and do it for you, they want you to learn these things and do it yourself.


Same thing when VCR's came out, they gave you a cheap ol cable that was not even a twist on, it was a push on.  I quickly threw that piece of junk away and invested in good quality RG6.  The cables are minimum to get the service to your TV, you seem like a more than minimum guy, so why not just pony up the extra bucks and have it your way.  cant compalin.