Problems after paying for my plan

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Problems after paying for my plan

Recently, I've gotten a plan covering local calls after 7 p.m. and before 6 a.m. and calls on weekends for 100$/year (not sure which one). I paid 114$ for it, but on my phone, it says that I have no money left, even if I never made calls not covered by the plan. Why is that so? Awaiting your answers.




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Re: Problems after paying for my plan

Hello @Meiyun_Shi,


Welcome to the Community! 🙂 


The details, of the plan in question, are on our website : 


Just to clarify the first part of your post, it's unlimited local evening (6 pm 7 am) & weekend (6 pm Friday to 7 am Monday) calling 🙂 


There is no money left in your balance because you actually pay $100 + taxes per year for your plan as taxes are extra. Certain provinces charge an additional 9-1-1 government fee which may also apply (Link). 
Hope this helps,