Problem with Netcomm router

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Problem with Netcomm router

Post #1 on this subject seems to have been 'disappeared', presumably because my tone was a little snippy. I'll try my level best here to strike a more balanced tone...


I have a rocket hub that is 1.5 years into a 2 year data plan. My router (Netcomm 3G10WVR) stopped working (only power and WiFi lights come on: I have discussed this with Tech Support, they concur that it has failed). Trouble is, there is only a 1 year warranty on the router.


So, I have half a year left on my plan, with no router to access the service that I have contracted to pay for. Following a great deal of discussion with many Rogers representatives, it seems that my only recourse is to buy a new modem, or buy out my contract.


The least expensive option for me is to cancel my contract. But I like the service I have received, and would prefer to continue with my monthy plan (~$65/month).


Will Rogers consider replacing the defective modem?



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Re: Problem with Netcomm router



we have owned and used our RocketHub (Ericsson W35) for about 2 1/2 years now.  Fortunately we have not had any hw failure on the device (knock on wood).


I suggest you try to locate a used unit, either one of the two Netcomm devices (3G10 or 3G25) or the Ericsson W35 in the used market.  Yesterday I did a quick search on Kijiji and it turned up a number of used ones for sale in the Southern Ontario area, for as low as $50.  I posted yesterday in response to your original Forum posting with one of the url's to demonstrate my point.


If you can obtain another used unit, all you should need to do is transfer your SIM card from the old one to the new device.  That assumes that the SIM card itself has not failed, and might be causing your problem.


I also made a few other comments on your original posting, including a response to your mentions on the one year warranty for the RocketHub.  I agree fully.


By the way, Rogers has moved your original posting to another section of the Forum: