Problem setting up wireless router

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Problem setting up wireless router

I am having trouble setting up an older wireless router with an older Rogers Modem.


From what I can tell, I have an older Motorola Surfboard modem (SB5102), and an older D-Link DI-624 wireless router.


The modem currently works, and is wired directly into my iMAC (late 2007).


I have tried first to connect the wireless router to the modem, and then the iMac to the router using a network cable...but the iMac no longer can access the internet. Even though I  still have everything hooked up using the correct cables, the iMac still says that it can not connect to the internet.


I also have tried connecting to the internet wirelessly with a laptop, iPod touch, etc... and I still get "cannot connet to the internet".


I know the wireless router works as it was previously working on my sisters computer.  (It has been unplugged for almost a year now.)


Any ideas?



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Re: Problem setting up wireless router

LIKELY what has happened, is that the the modem, is still tied into the MAC address of the iMAC.
Every network device, wired, wireless, etc, all have an ID called a MAC address.

Unplug the modem and leave it off for a few mins.  Plug it back in, and this USUALY will force it to forget the mac address it had stored.
Then by pluging the wireless router into it, it should aquire the mac address of that.  I would plug the router in, unpluged, then power it up.  As it boots up, it should try to obtain the address and hopefuly then connect fine.

Worse case scenario, if you call into rogers, they should be able to reset the modem for you to wipe the stored MAC address.