Problem after reconnecting rogers home phone cables

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Problem after reconnecting rogers home phone cables

Yes. I need some help. After a recent renovation where the home phone cables were temporarily disconnected we're having trouble not so much with the phone but the connection to the lobby that allows us to open the door for guests. is there a wiring diagram available so that I can get everthing working right.


The basic components are:

1. the black phone modem

2. a phone jack box with one input and three outputs. The outputs are labelled home phone, intercom and the third one has markings not resembling English.

3. There's another phone jack box which is hard wired on one end and a phone jack on the other.

4. There's the old Bell telephone cable running from the wall too.


if anyone can help i'd appreciate it.







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Re: Problem after reconnecting rogers home phone cables

i know it may be a pain.. but it sometimes helps to SEE in these scenarios.

Are you able to take a picture, post those on an image site, so we can see them?


I may have some ideas.. but more need to SEE that jack box, mostly.
And what wires are running there othewise.