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Problem After Problems Tech Comes Every Month But Still Problems// i have lost clients due to this

I've Been Here Awhile

*(4/4/2018) I live in bradford, I have Business internet for over 4 years and home gigabyte internet for about a year now, every month i have to call rogers because the signal is weak or to powerful, so they remove or add something every month, this has been going on for year, i had rogers add new wire outside my house and then took a year to finally hook up the one in the ground, now rogers told us they are replacing the wire in the ground, well they didn't they ended up conencting the old wire, now its none stop of problems, today i call rogers and i have to wait until saturday to get someone to come by the house, this is the worse service ever, going to cancel this when its done and go somewhere else. seems like rogers likes to fix the problem fast but dont care about the long run. internet today is 40mbps download and i paying for 1gigabyte even websites wont load.................... after few hours later now my internet just shuts off and comes back on but have to wait till Saturday to get anything fixed just because of the signal i'm pretty sure it has nothing to do on my side but what ever.

*(6/10/2018) and again having problems with my cell phone it wont send or get text messages on top of that our internet has a upload speed of 2mbps so clients on our servers are complaining about it... talking to rogers on facebook got no where, talking to them with chat just got transferred to tech so more waiting.. how about i just don't pay my bill then can i have someone in person to talk to me and fix this.. got off chat with rogers on the website and they are asking me question like how is your modem plugged in, is the power being plugged into a power bar things like that what a job and that was tech support..... facebook messages with rogers told me its a problem with new york so i don't even know what to do anymore, just checked speed test and its my upload speed now is 1mbps not helpful when running a server for small business 

anyone who thinking about going to rogers DON'T waste your time and money you will end up having problems and getting no where. the first month or two everything will work fine then i guess rogers does something so the problems start so you start calling them this service is a joke really is, i know 30 other clients of mine who says not to go with rogers because of the same problems and bad support WORSE COMPANY EVER



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Re: Problem After Problems Tech Comes Every Month But Still Problems// i have lost clients due to th

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Apparently that rogers has some issues with the 500 and 1g plans on the upload side in the GTA.
Im in georgina, and just switched yesterday to 500.
Most speed tests have shown 20, but only getting 12 right now...
But many are reporting the 2ish you are..

That yours keeps going up and down, seems more like an issue on the street/area hardware, moreso than at your specific house.  

That all being said, its STILL up to rogers to fix the issue.

But just be aware though that if your looking at 3rd party ones, etc.. you may have to avoid any that are cable based.. as they use the same lines and would still be having issues.
(that being said too, any carrier could have the same issues.. every area can be different.  Bell here is HORRENDOUS.. 90% of the city cant get fibe, only basic 5mb DSL, and your lucky if you get the 5 the lines are so bad)

Ask around and see what others have.. find the best service which works in that area. 

Re: Problem After Problems Tech Comes Every Month But Still Problems// i have lost clients due to th

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

 Hey @AdamTheMan17,


Welcome to our Community Forums and sharing your experience with us. 


As a customer myself, I know first hand what it's like dealing with an intermittent issue. In my case it was associated to a noise problem in my area, which took a bit of time to identify the source and resolve. So I can certainly relate and sympathize with your situation.


We'd love the chance to look into this for you and hopefully find a resolution to your problem. I invite you to reach out to us via Private Message, @CommunityHelps. Our private messenger is explained in this blog.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Kind Regards,



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