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Printable Channel Guide

It's probably been asked....but


Printable channel guides? Is there such a beast? I'm in Frdericton Premiere package. Anyone?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Printable Channel Guide

Here's a thread on the topic:  (Please note: this thread is no longer available).

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Printable Channel Guide

Am new to Rogers Ignite TV and am looking for an editable (word) Channel List to modify to suit my needs. Preferably in Word format as I do not have a licensed PDF account. If this is to Pauley, your format is exactly what I think I need.

Have a lot more questions but I can wait.




Peter Frank Lee

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Re: Printable Channel Guide

@peterfranklee  You do not need an Adobe license to view PDF files, only to create or edit them. Viewing PDF files is free for everybody.


Not sure if this topic, but others started when Rogers stopped providing simple text files of available channels by number to subscribers. All you can see now is colourful pages of channels by name with logos, but no channel numbers.  I know little about Ignite, but does it use the same channel number as cable?

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