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Post Your Navigatr 'How To's' Here

I Plan to Stick Around

OK ladies & gents, i thought perhaps we could pool our findings in a thread to help everyone who is trying to figure out the inner workings of the Navigatr software.


So, if you can share your 'how to do's' with the community, it will benefit everyone.


So, 'JimBoden' shared one i came across and figured it was a good starting point -


"I rarely use CC, but here's how you do it in 5 clicks. Press Menu, arrow up twice, where you'll see CC Off/On, press either the left or right arrow key, press Select. Repeat the same procedure to turn it off."


Share away!


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Re: Post Your Navigatr 'How To's' Here



Thank you, @websurferdudeSmiley Happy


Community - Please follow the link to see the Navigatr How To's thread in the TV board in our forum. Also, you may find the FAQs useful posted in the Support section of Rogers' portal. 




Re: Post Your Navigatr 'How To's' Here

I'm a Senior Advisor

Take care when one uses these how to's and FAQ's.  They are a good start, but I think that the OP is trying to get people to post the work arounds (say like the CC issue.

The possible solution if on demand is freezing, and emhasize that you should contact Rogers through the various avenues to report problems - if you feel free trouble shooting it yourself, do go ahead, but do report it too, or they may believe all is fine, which we all it is not.


An example of a misleading how to - Second one on delete/cancel recordings The how to has three screens shown, but does a poor job of differentiating the difference between delete one recording, or one scheduled show, versus cancel a future recording, or all future recordings- Note that the final screen is asking you if you want to cancel all recordings, not a single recording.  Plus I really can't see what is selected on the presented screen layout because it is faded out with the white prompt in front.


Good start, but include all variations of delte and delete all recordings, and delete all scheduled recordings, and cancel a single recording. (the difference  between  delate all completed recordings and do not record a scheduled recording.


Also need to highlight the ackward movement of the screens to get to each show in recorded or scheduled.  If it opens on a highlighted future recording, and want to move to recorded, you have to arrow up, then arrow left, then arrow number of times down to the chosen show to watch delete and manage - little discussion of what each of these choices do.


Next one on view recorded shows - doesn't talk about the arrow movements to get around the screen, just says press ok/select on the chosen show.


They also show advanced selection using the settings recordings option - this is advanced - why - just another way to get to the same thing that list does. Redunt and requires more clicks to get there.


Comment - the designers of this product seem to like to design things to require as many clicks as possible - so how does the advertising even dare mention the one or two places where it may be shorter, when in general, it is greater in almost all areas of the program interface.


In this screen, they talk about selecting a scheduled recordings - it actually shows recorded settings.  Again, a number of clicks to move around to do what you want to do.


Edit favourites list is a monstor to work with in settings - imagine going through all your channels to select your favourites.  We used to push the Fav button, then we choose it, and the two push of the guide gave us the Favourite guide.  Also, the highlight on hide or favourites is odd to work with - when you start, you select set favourites it is highlighted, then you go over to the choices, and it changes the highlight to hide channels and it will hide the channel, rather than set the favourite.


Rather than this odd system, why not just use the more from the guide feature - lots of clicks, but at least it accurately presented, and you choose the show you are currently watching, rather than looking through a giant list.


The presentation of setting of weather is an interesting one - select D (if your remote is available) - how else would you do it, you can't get to settings without the remote either.  (although pushing settings will not get you there, you push menu to get to the apps choice 7 clicks altogether and press D doesn't take it back out, pressing, as the screen says, exit gets you there.  It used to be a toggle of the D, quick and easy, but many of the toggle options in the remote have been removed and rely on exit instead but not consistent as some do work with toggle, like guide, info and menu.


Change aspect ratio is another - you can do it in settings, or you can do it from menu - so why not put on off in settings for across device changes for users and included described video rather than putting them in the menu more, or at least put it in both places, and make it work in on demand and pvr playback.



So thank you for referring us to these how to's, but these are not complete and do not address how we have to click around, or how things pop to the top of the screen, etc.  Did you hope we would figure it out on our own - that is what is driving people crazy.


We have to figure the workarounds and more efficient ways to use an inefficiently designed interface, now in this thread, he has asked for the ways to get around - the how to's and the FAQ's do not do that.


The reference to the FAQ's is the July ones full of the marketing pitch of we are listenting and working hard to make it better, and does not reflect the reality of the changes.


Reference to this one is just confusing.


Here is the new FAQ - get rid of the other one please and change the link on the page you gave us for how to's at the bottom.


In here, you will find a more complete description of how to work with things, in verbal descriptions only, followed by some limited videos, that are supposedly on our boxes on demand. Up until last week, I got only a green screen, but appears to be fixed and are the same videos as here as far as I can tell.


Good description on setting and using CC, but neglects to mention it only works in Live TV and the workarounds to get it in PVR and on demand - 

Set as a favourite, block channel, video toggle, turn cc on or off and audio selection is there - favourite, block are program specific options and do belong here, but video toggle, cc, and audio are system wide and belong say under menu maybe.  Or at least make them work across the product.


It doesn't mention that you need to arrow down because when you open menu, you won't see the options - we are supposed to guess and find it by trial and error.


I and others have debunked some of the marketing steps, like "get to what you want sooner", 

Hide unsubscribed channels - should mention that if reboot occurs, the settings is lost and most be reset.  Bug, or intended, but at least let us know.


So my long point here is that the reference to the how-to's and the related link are somewhat of a start, but what is being looked for in this thread is how it really works, all the clicks, odd things, and the clicks that required.


The link in the thread needs to be changed, and for any of this stuff to be fully useful, it requires well designed step by step tutorials of how to carry out all of the steps.


At this point, these are not complete.


And how about doing in the FAQ, like the previous one, the things we have reported "We’re always working on improving your TV experience so keep checking back for more updates."  In that public relations designed FAQ, you did indirectly identify all the issues we had brought up, and included the above phrase.  You did follow through on most of these, so maybe time to take all the known reported issues and do this again.  Then we can know that this is the indirect way that you communicate to what issues you listen to.


But for us - keep adding our workarounds, just wanted to make sure that people wouldn't be disappointed by going to the referred solutions.  Thanks to the team and to Arther for making these, but there is still work to be done to make them fully useful.  Although get used to typing click (a lot of times), and counting exactly how many clicks, and the detailed step by step process.  The individuals who do write these will quickly be able to personally see that there is nothing faster, or easier about this model - But I think we have said that before.


So please add your solutions, and Rogers give more complete thorough how to's.


Many of us stopped giving step by step processes because we decided that it wasn't our job anymore, that if Rogers was listening, it was to them to demonstrate high quality customer support, help, FAQ's and tech support, not us.


We help each other on this board, but the responsibilities described just now are theirs not ours.  But do read back through all the precious posts, you will find the workarounds.


One final note - if your box freezes, do trouble shoot it yourself as recommended, but also report it every single time.



Re: Post Your Navigatr 'How To's' Here

I Plan to Stick Around

BS replied -


"...I think that the OP is trying to get people to post the work arounds (say like the CC issue)."




Exactly Bruce, that was my intention in creating the thread.


Work arounds, simplified 'how-to's' for day-to-day operation using the Navigatr software.  I know many of you have 'played around' with the 3 various incarnations of the software - the 2nd (early Jan.) or 3rd (late Jan.) especially are the ones i was looking for since i assume we all have the latest (and greatest!????) version.


I've only played with/experienced Navigatr for 2 days now and one thing i've noticed is the way it acted on day 1 was not the way it acted on day 2 - that is until i rebooted the box.  Even then, it was quirky, sometimes it acted the way i thought it would/should, next time it did not.


However, so far, i am pleased that the box, in my experience 1) does not freeze up, 2) seems more responsive and 3) that the power saver issue has been shelved for now.


One thing i did notice was that when i finished the last recording in a series, i deleted it and the capacity used lessened, seeming to prove it was deleted.  However, i noticed it was still in the Recorded area as the icon was still there.  When i went into it, i noticed it reported 1 recorded episode (the one i thought i had deleted already!!)  I had to open the recording up and chose delete from there.  And again, the capacity used lessened.  Nothing i can't live with but you have to remember both what you were watching and what episode because instead of the program ending with the screen with the option to 'erase', sometimes it kicks you back to the 'My Recordings' screen - uuuggghhh!!

Re: Post Your Navigatr 'How To's' Here

I'm a Senior Advisor

I will take some time and think about doing some of these.  One of my strengths when I worked in IT deployment was not documentation and teaching tools.  Hands on teaching and trouble shooting was my skill.  I am buried under therapy work at the moment, so I may not get to it for a bit, but I will try to do some.


Some obvious ones that come to mind is


i. how to set up and use described video

ii. the different ways of accessing and using functions found in the menu and the settings and the convience of one method over the other (e.g., Video outplut Normal, Stretch Screen, 25% larger screen and 50% larger screen - changing Appearance in settings to 720 or 16:9 combined with screen size output can be useful for dealing with visual acuity - It takes some playing to get the majority of the picture and an appropriate zoom size.


Also interesting that under the info button, more ! choice, you see video ouput toggle which it used to be when you used the video source button at the bottom of the remote on the left side (still will operate changes on your TV) - it was a toggle, now once you choose video output toggle, you then see change video output screen, as is also found in settings under appearance, but it is a list of options, not a toggle.  Just a little thing, but consistency across the whole box of remote options and labelling eases with the learning curve and being able to respond easily to the changes.


The obvious discrepencies in how menu and info button work across the live tv guide versus VOD, or PVR is confusing to say the least, yes we can learn to deal with it, but depending upon how much you use the features will determine how easy it becomes to work around the discrepencies.  Plus presentation of the various options of where you can do the same thing so people can choose what works best for them.


I am sure there are more, and if I can find the time/energy/focus to work with them and write them down, I will add them here, but the list above raises some things for users to be aware of.  Feel free to ask the community how to do it, or call tech support and have them walk you through it.


When I have time I will add more detail, but for now, it is a start - I still am of the position that this all is the job of Rogers staff or contractors, and under high standards of implementation, production rollouts would have these all done and released at the time of production rollout, and would have been developed to their fullest through alpha and beta changing of each version (but then again, we were both the alpha and beta testers and we provided the feedback and work via communication to Rogers staff, and through this forum, and social media). 


There in lies my underlying frustration - I don't mind doing testing at a user level, but only on a voluntary, because I like to help, or paid basis.  Not pure trial and error - give beta testers a section of the product to test, get the feedback and then give them another one.  I am retired, and don't have the focus anymore to choose to do this, but we got no choice in any of these rollouts.






Re: Post Your Navigatr 'How To's' Here

I'm a Trusted Contributor

How to add 5, 10, 15, 30, 1 hr or 3 hrs to your scheduled recording.

This one isn't discussed in How To: Use the <new> NextBox Navigatr Guide


Tired of the recording ending before the program does?  It seems to happens to us a lot.  I happened again tonight.

CBS and PBS seem to do this the most.


From the GUIDE don't press the REC button if you want to add more recording time.

Press the SELECT button and then RECORD THIS PROGRAM

Scroll down to STOP ON TIME.   Use the < left  or >right arrows  to adjust the stop time.





Re: Post Your Navigatr 'How To's' Here

I'm a Trusted Contributor

gdkitty has produced a "how to" guide.  This should get you to something useful and trying to find a solution to a problem on this board is very awkward.


Navigatr Guide - How To



for BS (Bruce)... I spoke to someone from the "Office of the Presdent" on another matter but the Update of the Navigatr came up in relation to Rogers ignoring complaints and not acknowleding client problems.  I can't use names or this will be edited or removed as not being on topic, but it addresses your post about relying on clients to fend for themselves. Basically I was told that all this fuss is due to the Navigatr guide being new.  "People complain whenever something is new. "  I think the Office of the President missed my point that clients are having to provide their own support. I have only seen one statement from a Rogers employee acknowledging there is a problem with Navigatr.  I have seen Rogers employees answering questions and concerns on other topics on this board so I would like to see more help and assistance with Navigatr. 


for gdkitty... Thanks for the guide!

Re: Post Your Navigatr 'How To's' Here

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Please feel free to add any of your own ADDITIONS for it here.. or PM me.. and i will try to get them added when i get the chance.

Re: Post Your Navigatr 'How To's' Here

I'm a Senior Advisor

@User14I am speechless, but also not surprised.  It would have taken a lot of effort to not lose it.


Oh, I think he got the point - this has been the party line for quite a while - right from the first public response to Ellen Roseman, you just need to get used to it, and that one was in the same sentence as the comment on font size.


So the message we hear - get used to it, if you want to support each other, that is good to hear, but not our problem, and the more we just blame the user and make it your problem, not Rogers, maybe you will buy the marketed line.


Like I said, I am speechless - I won't say any more, because I just don't know what to say. But I can also say  that people get excited with useful new things.  That is quite a generalization and just rights us off -It shows absolutely no respect. This line that seems to be repeated often at the higher levels - I haven't heard it very often here, or on the other media locations, or from my contacts, I believe it is a senior administrative PR driven response and at the higher levels, and publically to Ellen and us, we are just resistant to change.  I think all of us have tried very hard to figure out how to work with this change, but have also suggested ways to improve the product, found the many bugs, and to make it an excellent rather than a low grade user experience.


But should I have expected more -  As I say, Rogers is on borrowed time for me and my family - once the contract is over, if this attitude still exists, I won't take it anymore - Again not that I think they really care - I am long term customer but I am a lower tier in that I tend to stay with the basics. The contract has one positive, it gives me time to start doing a serious look at the alternatives and figure out whether I will stay in the future, or do a mix and match of services from various sources.  Things are changing fast, and who knows what Rogers and others, along with the 2nd tier providers will be offering 19 months from now.


Thanks for letting me know, it guides me in how to put my efforts. I was initially frustrated, but what it educated me is it is time to more focus on life and other things than Navigtr, so I can enjoy life and find what really gives me pleasure and a good experience in life - this experience of the last 7 months has certainly not improved my experience, other than trying to solve a big puzzle, which I do like to do, and to help others, which I believe I did, but it really is time to move on to bigger and better things, and that really doesn't have to be TV.


I will keep poking in once in a while to read, occasionally contribute, or even to find information about something else, although I still have outstanding issues in 2 other product lines.


Take care, and with a deep breath of breath in, breath out, and now say good bye and all the best to all on the board, and the bottom level and middle level people from Rogers, who "listen" to us.  Bruce

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