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Possible fraud account created?

I've Been Around

So I have been dealing with Rogers since Saturday and just got off the phone with them for the third time.
On Saturday I got an email stating I was getting a tech visit that referenced my last name but a different account number (only had access to last 4 digits) and an address in a different city than mine. I have created a case but over all 3 calls it seemed like only one guy got what my issue was and with having only the last 4 digits of this other account he did what he could.
Today I woke up to an email bill for this account which I was trying to avoid with the previous calls but I did receive the full account number which I called and hope Rogers updated in the created case.
Are there any Rogers employees around here that might be able to put this problem to rest?
It seems the issue is not being resolved and is in fact getting worse. I do not want any info about this other account other than I am not the one really being billed for this.



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Re: Possible fraud account created?


Hi there @Zeke_Anderson!


Thank you so much for your recent post here in the Community Forums! 😊


After reading your post I can definitely get why this would be concerning! If I were receiving random email confirmations for products and/or services I didn't request, I'd wonder where they are coming from too! Also, I'm very sorry to hear about all of the calls you've had to make to try and get this resolved, that's not cool. 😕


We would definitely like to look into this matter for you to see if a resolution has been found, and if not, we'd like to get it taken care of for you ASAP!


If possible, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on our Private Messaging system, please CLICK HERE.


We hope to hear back from you soon!




Re: Possible fraud account created?

Getting Bills for an account that I don't own. I am a Rogers Small Business customer and in addition my regular account I keep getting bills for an account that I don't own and I have spent countless hours with almost everyone and it doesn't seem to get resolved. I even logged a fraud case and I came to know recently that case has been "Resolved" yet I continue to receive bills in my name for the account that I don't own. I really need this to be resolved as I don't want this to negatively impact my credit history in any way. Who can I reach out for this? The generic support lines have been of no use in the last 4 months

Re: Possible fraud account created?

Hello @kqureshi,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your first post! 🙂


There are so many scams going around these days! Being the victim of fraud can certainly come as a shock and be very upsetting to anyone. 😞


I'm wondering if the latest bill you received was issued before the matter was fully resolved? We'd love to take a closer look at your account to get to the bottom of it. If possible, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further.


For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Kindest of regards,


Re: Possible fraud account created?

Hi All,


I am reaching out to the community for help. Account Created without consent and No help cancelling.


I have been on phone with 10+ agents since yesterday and waited on hold for over 8 hours. Have received nudges, chat support doesn’t connect and misleading info till now. I am requesting Rogers Ombudsman contact details.


Services with Rogers:

  • Wireless Cellphone – 2 lines
  • Home Internet

Issue: -

  • I called yesterday afternoon around 4 pm for my internet service. The person helped me and my internet issue was resolved.
  • 20 mins later, I log into MyRogers App, I see a 3rd account created.
  • I never requested, agreed or asked for any other service or account.
  • When talking to your agents, I figured out, it was an TV service account – I don’t have TV service with Rogers.

Call to Rogers Yesterday 21st Nov’20: -

  • Called Rogers immediately.
  • Total Hold time was over 3 hours.
  • Spoke to 3 Reps. – No help.

Call to Rogers today, 22nd Nov’20: -

  • Have been on 5 calls since today morning.
  • Tried chat support 4 to 6 times – doesn’t connect and drops automatically after 5 min wait.
  • My wife and I are still hold on both our lines to reach someone who can help. – Just getting transferred.
  • One Rep said, its cancelled. I checked and its still there.

Call to Supervisor today, 22nd Nov’22: -

  • Made another call at 11:33 am this morning, I directly asked for a Supervisor.
  • A supervisor came on the call, did not even give me her name and was rude. She again transferred.
  • Put on hold for 15 mins and went back to Rogers IVR asking to enter my phone number.
  • So, supervisor did help and put me back to the IVR. – WOW!

Support required: -

  • Need to cancel this account.

My kind request is to please help me with Rogers Escalation Ombudsman details or what next should I be doing. 




Re: Possible fraud account created?

Good afternoon @MazeedAlam,


Welcome to the Community!


We try our best to ensure we provide a good customer service experience to all our customers. I can tell from what you've shared that your recent interactions with us have been less than stellar. 


I realize how important it is to ensure there are no fraudulent transactions on the account. I hope you were able to speak to someone since you last posted here.


Please remember you can reach out to us via Twitter @RogersHelps or on 24/7.


You may also use the Share a Concern option here:



Let us know if you still require assistance :).





Re: Possible fraud account created?

I've Been Here Awhile
Thanks Zia for your connect.

I still haven’t got through. I am being given the run to the mill. Getting transferred from dept to dept but no resolution. It’s been 3 days and 20+ hours of wait time.

I Infact, filled the Share a Concern form on your website. A Supervisor told me she will raise a concern.

It seems I’ll have to seek CRTC help here unless you can direct me to someone in the escalation hierarchy.

Re: Possible fraud account created?

Hello @MazeedAlam!


I am sorry to hear about your experience thus far. Please reach out to us in PM @CommunityHelps so we can look into it further on your behalf. 


If you're not familiar with our private messaging system, please check out our blog for more information.




Re: Possible fraud account created?

Hey I’ve been trying to contact rogers customer service regarding the same issue and they havent done anything. Can you please help me with that. Someone has used my info to get rogers phone or connection and I’ve trying to complain from past few weeks

Re: Possible fraud account created?

Hello @Simran4bb,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can imagine how concerned you must be in this situation. We take the privacy and security of our customers' information very seriously. Have you already spoken to my colleagues in the Fraud team? Do you know if an investigation was initiated pertaining to this?


We'd like to get this resolved for you as quickly as possible. Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps and we can continue the conversation there. To learn more about how to PM, please see this post





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