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Possible Hitron CG3N series and online gaming complications

I've Been Around

I've been struggling with this problem for a few months, and hope to find a remedy to it in the near future! I've been a very happy customer for many years with Rogers, and do not wish to seek out an alternative, but I'm running out of options.

Ever since I've upgrade to Ignite, I've had very severe rubberbanding/delayed actions across most of my online games. This has been occurring for several months, and I believe it to be the router or the service.
I've read on a few discussion forums (including this one) that the CG3NACR series (the modem I had) had issues with it. After reverting to an older modem (CG3N, the problems persisted.
I have several computers, all which had this issue occurring while directly connected through ethernet (thus ruling out network drivers, or network cards on the pc). My speeds are good, and my ping is consistently stable. Teamspeak, and other applications remain running without interruption, and the rubberbanding/delayed actions only happens during gaming - and when it does occur it appears the rubberbanding/delayed actions is happening in relation to only my character, and my position - and not everyone else.
Given I've tried everything else (switching pcs, modems, ssds, etc), I'd like to request input, confirmation or rebuttal to my suspicions that the problem is outside my ability to remedy.
I am running in gateway mode, with ethernet directly connected to the pc.
The current firmware of the modem is:
My upstream and downstream signal is posted here and here
My docsis event logs seems to have alot of warnings, criticals and errors as posted here
I greatly appreciate any constructive feedback, suggestions and opinions.

Re: Possible Hitron CG3N series and online gaming complications

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Your downstream signal levels and signal to noise ratios are good.  The links for the next images are not correct, they all show the same downstream image.  Can you upload the upstream levels and the warnings?


All of the CGN3 series modems have a problem with latency to and thru the modem.  However, due to other problems with League of Legends, a firmware update has been developed for the CGN3ACSMR.  That update has not been generally released as of yet, I suspect that it will be superseded by another version before that happens.  However, there is a process in place at the current time to request that update and it has been successful for the most part, the exception being PS3s and PS4s.  I've only seen one case where the PS4 directly connected to the updated modem was working successfully.  But for Xbox and pc games, the update appears to be doing what it was intended to do, solve the latency and League of Legends issues. 


The problem with the latency in the modems is that it becomes very difficult to distinguish network latency from modem latency.  And that is where the firmware update comes into play.  Have a look at post # 16 in the following thread to see the difference in ping times to the modem:



So, my advice at the current time is to swap your modem for a CGN3ACSMR and then immediately request the update as indicated in the first post below.  That update usually occurs very late in the evening or during overnight maintenance periods, so, you should see it by the next morning or the following morning.  Once that update is done you can run a few test game sessions to see if it has improved or solved the problem.  If not, then its time to run a few tracerts to see if there are network issues from your location.  With a modem in place that has minimal latency, the tracerts will make more sense.


There are two bugs in this version:


1.  The wifi is all or nothing.  You either have to have both 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks running, or both disabled.


2.  The firmware doesn't appear to save the enabled / disabled state for the wifi, so, if the power goes out at some point, when the modem fires up, there is a mismatch between what the wifi is actually doing, ie, on or off, and what the user interface indicates.  The way around this is to first save a backup file for the modem.  Navigate to ADMIN.....BACKUP and use the Backup button to create a backup file somewhere on your pc.  Do this when you have the modem settings configured to your preferences.  If the power ever goes out, run a factory reset by pressing the reset button at the back of the modem for 30 seconds and releasing it.  You can also initiate a reset from the ADMIN....DEVICE RESET page.  After the reset and reboot, reload the backup file using the ADMIN....BACKUP page, and then reboot.  Problem solved.


The all or nothing issue has been resolved for the next firmware release.

Re: Possible Hitron CG3N series and online gaming complications

I've Been Here Awhile

IMGUR grouped the images, but they are there. I'll link them individually if you can review them..






Thanks, Datalink.

Re: Possible Hitron CG3N series and online gaming complications

Ah, ok, let me have another look.  Ok, got it figured out.


The upstream power levels are fine.  The warnings I will have to try and find but the T3s are caused by the modem attempting to initiate a maintenance period with the Cable Modem Termination System, and after a series of no responses from the CMTS, the modem times out and starts the process over again.  Those maintenance periods are used to set transmission timings and signal levels.   So, something is up....possibly the local node is too busy and really needs to be split to provide adequate service to everyone.

Re: Possible Hitron CG3N series and online gaming complications

If you go down the path of swapping to the CGN3ACSMR and requesting the updated fimrware, you need to have the modem running in Gateway mode with the 2.4 Ghz network up and running in order for the firmware push to be successful.   After that is done, check the warnings.  If they persist, call tech support and have the CSR check the node.  There might be an issue that the tech can solve from his or her workstation.


Can you delete the DOCSIS Event log so that your modem MAC address isn't left out in the open.

Re: Possible Hitron CG3N series and online gaming complications

I've Been Here Awhile

Thanks Data, I'll certainly swap out the modem - ask for the firmware update once it's done, and check the logs again.

Will update once those steps are finished.

Re: Possible Hitron CG3N series and online gaming complications

To send a message to CommunityHelps, use the @CommunityHelps link to get to the public page and then use the link on the upper right hand corner titled "Send this user a private message" to access the message composition page.  Fill in the title and info and hit send.   Done..


Keep us informed on your progress, and let us know if you run into problems.

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