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Porting out before 15day/30min period

I Plan to Stick Around

Unfortunately, due to poor reception at work (apparently a common issue with Rogers customers I work with), I'd like to switch service providers but would like to keep the same number.

I'm within the 15 day/30 minute limit period so what would be the best way to go about doing this?


Is there any sort of penalty for having a number ported out during this time period? 

I"m thinking of going to the new Service provider, signing up and having my current number ported over. At which point the Rogers account immediately gets canceled and I return the device back to them the same day? 


If the only way to do this, is to deal with the cancellation with Rogers first, how can I retain the number? Would it still be available? 


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Re: Porting out before 15day/30min period


Hello @Pottertons,


I totally understand your need to keep your number especially if its one that you've had for quite some time now!


We will need to gain access to your account to confirm what options are available to you to ensure your number is ported out.  Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps the next time you're online and we can gain access to your account and see what we can do to ensure you do not lose your number.


For more information on our private messaging system check out our blog.



Re: Porting out before 15day/30min period

I Plan to Stick Around
My apologies for not checking back.

After some very lengthy phone tag sessions after being told flat out that I could not keep my number, I was able to get it sorted.

Thank for the assistance.
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