Port forward modem?

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Port forward modem?

Hello. My parents just bought a new home from countrywide. And countrywide is giving us free 3 months with rogers phone,cable and internet. After the internet was setup I wanted to portforward some ports. But it seems that whenever I enter my default gateway into the address it dosent load anything. Do I have to put my linksys router to be able to port forward. Or is there a way to port forward. Or I can only port forward if I have my router attach and working





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Re: Port forward modem?

Do you have a modem only or one of the new SMC gateways + modem?

If you just have a modem there is nothing to log into and there is no need to setup port forwarding. In this case you would hook the modem up to your linksys router and then from the router to the computers and game systems etc. Then you would log into the linksys router to setup port forwarding etc.

If you have the SMC gateway+modem you should be able to browse to the addr of your default gateway and do the setup in there with no need to use your linksys.

If you have the SMC router gateway and cannot get to the web setup pages you probably have a problem with the firmware that SMC pushed and you will have to contact Rogers Technical support in order to have them push a new firmware to fix the issue as your modem/gateway is running in modem only mode....
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Re: Port forward modem?

If you are using a 3rd party router then the default gateway might be different.  Check your manufacturer's website for information.  If you use rogers home networking equipment, the gateway is  http://www.portforward.com is a great website with tips for most major manufacturers.

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Re: Port forward modem?

The Gateway was possibly deployed to you in Bridge mode. I'm assuming since this post is a week old that you have since had the issue resolved.

If not, call in to HiSpeed Technical Support and make sure that the Gateway is set to Gateway mode and not Bridge.

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Re: Port forward modem?

Thank you for the recos Netbug and dnavia!




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