Poor wireless connection on anything lower than LTE

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Poor wireless connection on anything lower than LTE

On my fairly new Galaxy S4 (less than 1 month old) I only get a reliable connection when on LTE (or wifi for data).  I'm sitting here right now at my desk in London Ontario and it says "E" by the status indicator (Edge network I assume?), alternating between 2 and 3 bars (out of 4) for signal strength and I can't get online (eg. can't load any websites or sign in to Skype) and can't make or receive voice calls.  It's not just that it's slow, it just doesn't work (most of the time).  Sometimes I can get a connection on non-LTE and but usually I can't.  I could understand if there were 0 or 1 bars that it wouldn't work very well or maye wouldn't work at all, but with 2-3 it is still very, very unreliable.  I had a simliar situation in cottage country north of Toronto a little while ago; 2-3 bars, on Edge (or it sometimes said 4G I think) but couldn't really get a data connection or make any calls.


[edit: I was in a different room for a little while and my phone said 4G and stayed solidly on 3 bars.  I could make voice calls but still couldn't use any data.]


In my Mobile Network Settings the Network Mode is "GSM/HSPA/LTE (auto connect)", the Network Operator has "Rogers" selected, and the APN is "Rogers LTE (ltemobile.apn)".  "Rogers LTE (ltemobile.apn)" is the only apn I can select, the only other one is called "LTE tethering (ltedata.apn)" and I can't select that one, but I don't think I want to.


My previous phone was a Blackberry with Bell that only had 3G but sitting at the same desk I'm at now I could fairly reliably (although slowly because 3G) send and receive email and browse the web using mobile data, and make and receive voice calls.


Is there something wrong with my phone?  Is there some setting I have to change to get a better connection when not on LTE?  Does the signal strength indicator just horribly over-report signal strength?  Maybe the Galaxy S4 just gets a poorer connection compared to an old Blackberry Curve 8330 (my old phone), and/or does Bell (my old provider) just have a better network than Rogers (I hope this isn't the case)?


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Re: Poor wireless connection on anything lower than LTE

Hello biznatch,

I'm sure someone in our community would have a recommendation for you.

Anyone has an idea?


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Re: Poor wireless connection on anything lower than LTE

Sounds like you have all the right settings selected and really the phone should be all setup out of the box and require no further tinkering.


It simply sounds like you have poor signal strength in that room judging by the fact that when you move around in the house things improve.  I notice that bar signal strength can sometimes be deceptive and lag behind and not exactly report real time values.  What may be a better indicator of strength instead of the bars is going to "Settings > About Phone > Status" and looking under signal strength and reading the actual dBm number (the higher the number (i.e. closer to zero), the better).


Bell may have had a closer tower to your proximity to Rogers.  In addition, all phone antennas unfortunately are not created equal with some phones acquiring a stronger signal than others.  Blackberries have been known to have strong antennas.


All the flipping that the phone does when unable to acquire a strong signal (going from LTE down to 3G to EDGE and back up) can also contribute to a slow connection.  Does your phone have a setting that allows you to turn off LTE and only connect to 3G or EDGE?  I know it defeats the purpose of having an LTE phone but you can kind of experiment by turning one of them off to see if the flipping between the different technologies is contributing to your problems.