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Poor reception


Anyone in the Kitchener area having problems with poor reception from Rogers cable in the last week and a half?







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Re: Poor reception


It could be due to signal strength to your home.

If it happens a lot/to many channels, perhaps you should get a Rogers Technician to take a look.

If that fails, a Tech can get you a replacement box.
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Re: Poor reception

I am new to Rogers who migrate from BXXX. I have very poor network signal (almost nothing or max two bars) at work. I don’t have any issue in previous 5 years with other provider. We are 20 peoples at work but different network providers and none of have any issue. I activated my line (note 5 64GB- Android 5.1.1) on 8th Feb 2016 and I already complaint to Rogers on same day. I have open thicket since 8th/9th Feb. My work place postal code is H8T 1B3. I also like to mention that I have activated total 3 lines (2 X Note 5 64GB and Galaxy S6 X 64GB) on same day with shared plan. All three lines have same issue at my work place. So it’s definitively Rogers’s network issue and which is confirmed by Rogers. Since that day I received 3-4 times VOICE MAIL CALL (no live agent to explain situation) from Rogers saying they aware of my problem and working on it.  


Then I learnt ‘Rogers’s one number”. I try to use RON but that didn’t work as well. Is it somebody point me correct direction what need to change in router or port forwarding. So I can talk with company IT guy.


At least I know somebody calling me when I login to RON at my work where I have no network signal.


Is it RON working with VoLTE device (in my case Note 5)?


Is it in future Wi-Fi calling available on Note 5 for Rogers? I think currently it is not available.


Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Poor reception

Hi @Sushil1011,


Thank you for your patience and welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


I understand you're experiencing poor reception at your work place location (only) and you're also having issues using Rogers One Number. You also mentioned all worked fine with your reception at work with another provider, I can definitely understand the inconveniences of your situation. To start with in regards to both the reception issue at work and RON please disable the VoLTE on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Apps > Phone > More > Call settings > VoLTE > do not allow VoLTE calls. For RON although it doesn't use VoLTE it works fine with VoLTE compatible devices. As far as Wi-Fi calling being available on Note 5, we do not have any information as of yet. We are keeping an eye out for any communication and will update accordingly.


I've sent you a private message from our @CommunityHelps, the next time you're online if you'd like us to look further into your reception issues please reply to the private message via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen.


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Re: Poor reception and Rogers one number issue

Thanks RogersArthur,


I turn off VoLTE on my samsung Note 5. It didn't help. Still I can't get the call. Signal stregth is same as before.  I replied to your PM alongwith my thicket numbers and my contact information.

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Re: Poor reception and Rogers one number issue

I thought that RON was incompatible with VoLTE? I have had several VoLTE devices now, and I couldn't even register for RON, because I have VoLTE enabled on the network end.

See the compatibility section of this post: