Poor Signal Stregth - Kitchener, Ontario - The Boardwalk

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Poor Signal Stregth - Kitchener, Ontario - The Boardwalk



I work in retail and pretty much every staff member now a days has a cell phone on them. I work in the Boardwalk plaza in Kitchener/Waterloo and my signal strength in that area constantly drops from 1-2 bars to the edge network all day long. It is incredibly frustrating that I cannot use my cell phone to do a simple google search for a customer etc.


Originally I thought it might of been a Cell Phone issue with my phone directly. I am using the 4S and I have tried removing my case and resetting the phone to factory settings. This did not resolve my issue so I started to ask all the staff and every single staff member using Rogers/Fido whether it was a Blackberry or an Iphone etc did not get signal when at work. However, any staff member using Bell always has full bars when at work.


This is incredibly frustrating and I was wondering if Rogers could look into this issue for me and all the Rogers customers that work in the up and coming boardwalk plaza. There is also a rogers building in the plaza so maybe you could give them a call to confirm?


I have provided a map with the coverage area that has poor signal strength. I assume because this area didn't exist before that perhaps new infastructure has to be created to target this area but I am not 100% sure.


Here is a map of the area where I get no signal:




Also I get great signal everywhere else except this area.




John Nicoll


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Re: Poor Signal Stregth - Kitchener, Ontario - The Boardwalk

Yeah, it's likely that there is a bell tower in the area that covers there properly, and the Rogers one doesn't properly.

We have the same thing here, in one plaza area.

They are always analyzing their coverage, but if its one small pocket, while adding another tower might help, may be a lot of overlap, which just to fix one area, is very costly 😞

One is on the books for up here, but its been almost 5 years and still nothing.

One other possibility, is that there may be a bell booster in the mall, for their signals

Hopefully they can use this at least use this to analyze it to see. Don't expect really a response through here tho 😞

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Re: Poor Signal Stregth - Kitchener, Ontario - The Boardwalk

Sorry, the end sounded kinda bad there..,

What I meant to say, was that the reps that post here don't really have the authority to say yes/no about those things. But they can pass them onto the apropriate people.

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Re: Poor Signal Stregth - Kitchener, Ontario - The Boardwalk

TO THE OP: You aren't the only one with this problem.


I had this problem ever since I've moved into this area.


I called them to complain probably around the same time you had made this post, they haven't done anything yet....


...thier solution... force 2G in you phone settings.


which requires me to mess around with the settings twice a day. (every time I leave the house and come home)


and 2G is obviously useless for Data/internet.


I have had this problem with more than one phone... a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus 4.


I'll be switching providers... sick of it



UPDATE:  ...I just got off the phone with Tech support again... she 'escalated' the issue and spoke with a technician, who confirmed this area has been flagged as a poor service zone.  they said there is plans for a new tower to service the area some time in 2013 but that they don't have a specific date...  however at least they KNOW that there's a problem


I doubt I'll be waiting around for them to improve the service.

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Re: Poor Signal Stregth - Kitchener, Ontario - The Boardwalk

I love hearing stories like this.  In my opinion, Rogers became very complacent when they were the only GSM/HSPA player in the country.  They boasted about how reliable their network was...they wouldn't know the meaning of reliability if it hit them with a big blue capital B 😉  Isn't it funny how the other guys were able to build-out an extremely reliable, fast, and robust national wireless network in a fraction of the time it took Rogers with far greater coverage?  Now with their LTE expansion, it's no different.  They'll build LTE with the same "that's good enough" mentality, much like they did with HSPA.  At the end of the day, their competitors will once again offer the country's largest and most reliable LTE network.

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Re: Poor Signal Stregth - Kitchener, Ontario - The Boardwalk

well... I just switched...  now I'm with Telus.... COULDNT BE HAPPIER.


not only did I get a better plan (more features, more minutes, less cost)


I also have better signal strength in my BASEMENT  now than I did standing in my DRIVEWAY with rogers.


...not to mention I'm connecting on HSPA (14.1MB/s)  instead of the EDGE network (200KB/s)


HUGE difference.


ANYONE with signal issues with rogers (or think your getting ripped off $$)  ...do yourself a favour and switch.


...can't believe it took me this long to deal with it.

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Re: Poor Signal Stregth - Kitchener, Ontario - The Boardwalk

Good you found one that works where you are 🙂

EVERYONE needs to that that into account, wherever you are.. WHAT company works best for you there (where you primarily are).

Unfortunately for me.. i am in a poor area PERIOD.  MOST i can get around town, is 3 bars 3g, drops to edge often on rogers.  But the other guys, are actualy WORSE >.< bell (who i was on previously), you pick up the tower across the lake.. oh, look your out of your LOCAL calling area now, and they nailed me with LD fees 😛

So do your research in an area, before you get a phone with any provider 🙂