Poor Service, poor quality, poor speeds, poor us!

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Poor Service, poor quality, poor speeds, poor us!

I am amazed at how well that this speed idea has been marketed....

 Just for example:

Rogers does advertise the extreme high-speed internet package that runs at 32 Mbps, and it does sound like you are getting 32 megabytes of data per second, which would be awesome if true, but in fact, the speed is actually only 32 megabits of data per second. In turn, means that this speed is only about 4 megabytes of data per second.....Which isnt bad still under ideal conditions, but not the way that the marketing department would want you to perceive.  Mbps is different from MBps, if you haven't noticed yet  Not so fancy now, eh?   Just thought I would bring some light to this clever marketing tactic, as I have not heard anyone else point this out.

Am I alone here?

Not to mention, when I called in to see what I could do  about my poor speed of 270 KBps (Kilobytes per second), all that they can suggest is do a speed check, ping google, and finally, buy a larger package to increase speeds, which by the way would require me purchasing their new modem and paying more for my internet package.  All of which has done nothing to relieve the issue that rogers high-speed internet is slow and revels against a 1990's standard.  They have overloaded the nodes to cram as much in their pockets than what they should be able to fit.  With all the money they make from overcharging us for a sub-par high-speed internet, Rogers, among other ISP's, can easily afford to upgrade their network to what they have gone and advertised as "Canada's Fastest!"  It feels like a big money grab, and we're left with a poor service and empty pockets!

I can honestly say that I have been misinformed even while talking with customer service, in the sense that they, the customer service rep, has also made the mistake of saying "megabytes per second" instead of "megabits".  This is to what I refer to as false aswell misleading and is also considered misinformation and false advertising. It leaves me feeling as though I have been taken advantage of as a consumer. 


Another point is that, as consumers, we generally have come to an understanding of data sizes as the bit, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and the terrabyte.  ISPs use the language of Mbps with a motive, as it sounds similar  MBps, there for making it seem as though we are getting an amazingly fast service.  How often would you expect the average internet user to say megabits, over megabytes? If  I were to ask people "Do you measure your files in megabits, or megabytes?" I belive that most consumers would answer "Megabytes".  Only someone with a proficient amount of technical knowledge in this field would be aware of this right off the bat. I believe that it would be morally sound of Rogers to use a congruent form of data speed measurement  that would reflect the average consumers usage, and file size measurement, versus the belief that you are getting a 32 megabyte D/L speed, when in fact, it is actually just about 4 MBps. I mean, why don't we hear the term "Gigabit" instead of "Gigabyte"? Not as sexy or appealing, is that it?  Or is it a question of practiacallity?  I'd say it would be more practical to measure in bytes, not bits.

I am quite upset to find that I have been paying for a service, which I believed to be a certain quality/speed, and after a few years of this misconception and loyalty, only through my own research  have I come to this realization of misinformation, ironically in an information age.


  I don't know if people see this issue as bigger than just a couple people disgruntled by poor customer service.  This is how Rogers is keeping its shareholders happy, by manipulating the consumer into thinking that they are getting great service, and that Rogers high-speed internet is genuine.  Instead, they cram and pack as many customers on to overloaded nodes, thus slowing down service for the community, and when a person calls to inquire, the customer service reps runs the customer round in circles until they are fed up, and either put out the cash, or decide to go to another ISP.  

This is a poor business practice and it is working for Rogers very well.  The less we voice our discontent with the lack of quality of service, the more they win.  The best way, is to call in, complain as much as possible, and demand some form of incentive to keep our business.  They are not the only service provider, and that is something they know but they still want our business, and need it to keep their shareholders.  They are just well funded in the marketing department, and that keeps them afloat.  

The fact still remains that this is a marketing tactic that has worked very much in their favour.  Most people, or consumers, are not aware of this or other distinctions, and therefore they do not consider the differences, which can be dramatic and that they are a great benefit to all of the ISPs, whether it be Rogers, Bell, Techsavvy, or any other internet service providers.

We, as consumers, have a duty to educate each other on these differences, not just in terms of ISPs, but among many products, to be more aware of what we are really paying for and what we are getting in turn.  We place a certain amount of trust with businesses that they have our interests at heart, when the reality is quite a stark contrast from what we are able to perceive through their media campaigns of ads and slogans.
 Would you not agree, or do you like being tricked by marketing tactics?

I would appreciate any input from other customers, and their experiences on this issue or other issues, and even how they might have resolved them.



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I'm a Trusted Contributor
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Re: Poor Service, poor quality, poor speeds, poor us!

The problem is, most people still have no idea what a megabyte is and how large that actually is. So yes while I acknowledge the fact that marketing has not helped at all, keep in mind that network standards have always been measured in bits, not bytes. This has been done long before ISPs. All the average user cares about it how long it takes them to download a song from iTunes, or if YouTube is buffering too much.


I personally have no problem telling the difference between MB and Mb, and often correct the rep that I speak with because I know they barely know the difference when they say it. This really isn't something to get worked up over, unless you're going to go after Cisco and D-Link, etc, over 10baseT and 100, 1000, etc, all measured in bits and advertised that way as well. The reason why they're measured in bits is more logical really.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Poor Service, poor quality, poor speeds, poor us!

I still remember when I got tricked by mpbs and it stung for a while. I felt like a jerk for thinking it was MBps.


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Poor Service, poor quality, poor speeds, poor us!

I think, in terms of data transfer rates bit per second is a standard.  I wish my 56kb/s modem back in the day was 56kB/s THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWSOME!...if you look up router specs, modem specs they all use bit per second...I don't think Rogers marketing had anything to do with it, they only use what the industry uses.     

I've Been Around
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Re: Poor Service, poor quality, poor speeds, poor us!

Talk to Tara the MANAGER of Rogers Customer Service tonight and I have to say This is the most horrible customer service manager I have experienced in my Life.


I told her that I did not use the service and I had not been made aware of This charge when I sign in to Rogers. She also sees it on her end very clearly and agree that I did not use the service. However, her response is "I'm the highest person you can deal with right here and This is how we are going to charge you." Her attitude is "LOOK, THIS HOW WE DO BUSINESS HERE. We want to charge you and there is nothing you can do about it. I know it's unfair but we can make more money so who cares?" Then I asked for her employee # and she refuse to give it me.


I have to say I have never seen a nasty face like This in any customer service field in any industry. Since it's just $15 I have wasted to get to know about a Rogers Customer Service Manager, it's not too bad. Anyway I signed a one year contract and there is nothing I can do about it right now. I'm so glad I did not sign for two years. Certainly I'm not going to renew my contract after a year because of This incidence. I asked Tara to note This on my account but I highly doubt she will be doing it due to her lack of respect to me. I'm not making up story here, if anyone needs to Confirmation# for the conversation or my account# ,Please send me a private message. I'll be more than happy to provide it.


If any rep has any plan other than Rogers plan, please send me a private message to let me know. I'm looking at changing my internet service provider at later This year. I usually don't like to talk about others on the internet as you can see. This is my only post after registered . I agree that Rogers has very reliable internet service, I did not get a chance to ask for any technical support within the 6 month of using it. I sincerely wish Tara could improve her customer service skill and learn to respect customers and speak in appropriate manner. I do business myself and trust me I value my customers more than $. I 'm truly sorry to learn that Rogers have a different way of doing business.

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Re: Poor Service, poor quality, poor speeds, poor us!

Just curious.. what was this charge that you are getting that you shouldnt be for?