Poor Quality Control

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Poor Quality Control

Hello All,


Just wanted to pass along/vent on my experience with Rogers poor quailty control regarding their hardware for television services.


About 2 years ago I ordered the HD PVR and picked it up at a local Rogers store.  Initially, the box didn't record properly, cutting off shows at a random point in the middle of it being taped.  I would go to watch my taped shows a fwe days later and would not be able to.  I took that back to replace it with another set.  This time, all channels while watching live, were pixelated and choppy, as though I were getting a bad internet stream.  I took that back to retrieve a trhird box, and although most things worked fine, I did experience a consistant delay, where watching anything, either live or recorded would freeze, then catch up and jump to the current spot, missing the playback in between (even if I rewound, that chunk of video would be missing).  I gave up taking it back and never did complain.


Recently I found that I was paying WAAAAAAYYYY too much for my television services and decided to downgrade, getting rid of the PVR and going back to digital VIP services with a regular digital box.


When I got my new hardware, and when I say new, I mean recylced from other people that returned it, the power adapter for the box was not even compatible with it and didn't fit to be connected to the back of it. 
I returned to the store and got a new adapter that fit properly, only to find that the bocx or remote was malfunctioning (still not sure which one) and whenever pressiing down on the remote, the guide or any other on screen options would scroll about 100 times, making it almost impossible to browse or change any settings....very furstrating.  Brought it back and was given a new box and new remote.  This resolved the scrolling problem, but the guide was all pixelated in the upper left corner...weird.  I rebooted the box and it seems to be fine for now.


Why is it that I still have to pay crazy amounts of money for this horrible service?  Why do I repeatedly get old equipment that has been returned by other people, probably cause it didn't work?


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Re: Poor Quality Control

Becasue that is industry standard??

Varry varry rarely, if you have a warranty issue, etc on something.. (hard drive, dvd player, TV, etc), will you get a new one.  When you send it in for warranty work, you either get it repaired... or usualy most of the time, you get a refurbished unit back.

Now, these things, are suposed to be checked, etc to work.

The rogers location, when someone brings a box back, regardless of defective or or just say canceling, they are suposed to send them back for refurbishing.  If that store wasnt.. they could be handing back out bad stuff. 
THough it still could be bad checking on the back end with them going out refurbished..
The power cable, etc part, comes in a seperate bag, and is not part of the main box, so it sounds like they just grabbed the wrong package.


Only way, to guarantee a new one, is to buy outright.