*Point* 41 Mbps upload speeds - haha, what a joke

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*Point* 41 Mbps upload speeds - haha, what a joke

I live in the Newmarket, ON area. For at least two weeks I have experienced the poorest, slowest Internet connection than I've had since the 1990's!! I wish I could upload a screenshot of the latest speedtest I just ran. Upload speeds were 8+Mbps which isn't too bad, but the DOWNLOAD was .41Mbps - yes, see that little point before the numbers? That's POINT 41 Mbps, not even ONE Mbps !!!!


I have searched the forums, Rogers Twitter account, Facebook page and NOWHERE does Rogers admit that they are having a problem. I'm scared to call them. People are posting on canadianoutages.com that they are waiting two hours on Rogers help line. Gee, I wonder why that is? 



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Re: *Point* 41 Mbps upload speeds - haha, what a joke



If you are willing to do some troubleshooting, there are people here who can help.  I'll start the ball rolling with the first couple of questions: 


1.  What type of modem / router do you have, and what service plan are you on, for example 60, 150 or 250 Mb/s

2.  Can you log into your modem and copy the DOCSIS Wan Downstream and Upstream tables that show the signal data for all of the channels that the modem uses.  I don't need to see any of the other info like IP address etc, just the table data.


Have a look at my posting here with the data from my CGN3 as an example:




I might ask you to answer the questions that I also have posted on that page, but for now I'd just like to see the signal power and signal to noise ratios.



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Re: *Point* 41 Mbps upload speeds - haha, what a joke

If you are comfortable post a little more narrowed down location in Newmarket.
I know one area is having some major line issues and a lot are being replaced.