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Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

For several months now I have been asking Rogers, SpeedTV, and others what we in Canada will see after August 17th on the channel that has been known as Speed or Speedvision since we started receiving it in 1997, and failed to receive an answer. TV listings for August 17 and later have now made it apparent that we will be receiving an even more watered-down version of what we have been getting in recent years.


Fox in the U.S. bought this channel several years ago, and has been intentionally working to kill it off by removing more and more of the motorsports programming from this formerly motorsports oriented channel, replacing it with car collector, game and 'reality' show programming. Now even that will be continuously repeated loops of old shows, with very little or nothing that is new. Their intention has been to start their own general sports channel to compete with ESPN in the U.S., and now to attempt to force the American cable and satellite carriers to replace Speed with the new Fox general sports channel. The U.S. carriers who have not yet signed on for that new channel will continue to receive the pointless and almost entirely non-motorsports Speed channel as a punishment for failing to agree to pay for the new Fox Sports 1 channel.


Yet this punishment channel appears to be what we will continue receiving in Canada. Surely there must be something about this that fails to conform to their contracts with Canadian carriers, if not CRTC regulations regarding permitted non-Canadian channels, and could lead to it being removed and hopefully replaced as soon as possible?


Note that the Fox-owned Speed channel in Australia has remained very much a motorsports channel.


And most of Europe including Britain has a motorsports channel (not owned by Fox) called Motors TV.


Please, as soon as possible, replace the Speed channel we presently receive with one of these or another motorsports channel if others exist.




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Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

dougjp and Motorsports_Fan, all the other provides, as well as Rogers, are only interested in the bottom line. Dissatisfied customers are par for the course. If they all conspire together to reduce motorsports coverage, what's the customer to do? Even if Bell lags behind dropping Speed, people don't just up and switch providers on a whim because many have other services bundled and grandfathered plans they don't want to lose. It's also a big, expensive hassle if you have your own hardware. Cable and satellite TV is a goldmine for the providers because there is pretty much a captive audience. Only in some large urban centres can you get more than a tiny handful of OTA channels and those don't include the specialty sports channels.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

People aren't switching "on a whim". They are switching because that's what they have to do to be able to see the sport they watch, even if it is an annoying inconvenience and may involve having to buy new equipment.


And I think there's some at Rogers and elsewhere who don't seem to understand how many there are. Just as an example, there was a crowd of 50,000 at Mosport on the Sunday of Labour Day weekend last year to see the Nascar Truck Series race, a crowd roughly the same as a sell-out at the Rogers Centre. How often is Rogers Centre sold out? Not too often. Even the NFL has failed to sell out the last two years in its once-a-year game at Rogers Centre, one of them featuring the Seattle Seahawks who would win the Super Bowl a little over a year later. And the Truck Series is not the top Nascar series, but third behind Sprint Cup and the Nationwide Series. Can you imagine a crowd of 50,000 people showing up for whatever league is below the Toronto Marlies (is it the ECHL - I don't even know)? And Mosport is in the middle of nowhere and more difficult to get to, not just a short walk away from Union Station. And by the way, that Nascar Truck Series that draws 50,000 southern Ontario race fans to Mosport was seen on TV only on Speed, not on Sportsnet or TSN.

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

OLDYELLR, I agree, most people are like rabbits munching on lettuce and not moving while the big elephant is doing a dump on them 😄 Then there are race fans!


I don't know the extent of the effect of NASCAR talking head shows and truck qualifying/racing that has disappeared from the tube, as there are other NASCAR division races still on TV. My guess is the truck series has a huge following, even more now that there is a race up here, and so those fans are over the top upset. However if you are a sports car racing/Aussie V8 Supercar racing fan, then the screen has gone black and your hobby has been completely destroyed by this.


Truly fanatical fans see these corporations that did this to them as the enemies, and inconvenience + costs are easy to take if it means (a) getting the hobby back and (b) taking revenue away from them. So yes, unlike the average TV viewer, these people will leave. 

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

Resident Expert

I understand how fans would be frustrated at this.. and would want to switch, to somewhere that has it..

I just hope.. that too many dont get just as stuck by doing so 😞

From the sounds of bell will be droping the channel as well.. seems like they are asking too much money for the channel, for what is left on it (asking full content price, for only 1/2 content)... and seems like rogers, bell, etc dont want to pay it.
How soon will any of the remaining drop it as well?


Not saying anyone SHOULDNT switch... but make sure to do your research first.. SCOUR around for info first before going anywhere/chaning.
No point, is potentially paying FEES to get out of your current potential contract, etc.. switch companies, new hardware, etc... just to find them doing the same there shortly 😞

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

I have been to 4 of the last 5 Sebring 12hr races. Been to countless Nascar /Indycar events, have worked on a stock car team for nearly 20 years and travel to many race tracks as a spectator to watch road racing every year. Most if not all of this at my own expense. Clearly I dont mind paying for my interest/hobby. 

Nobody asked me to pay to keep this channel. If this were to have become a speciality channel with a monthly cost I like would have grumbled a bit but there would have been no question whether I would have payed. Of course I would have in the blink of an eye.


On another note. Over the past 20 years or so you go to any short track/road course in the country and likely see a Speed TV crew. They were local crews hired to film the events. Much of it was during Speeds hayday and shown at odd hours but they were the ONLY network to be filming these events. Pretty big deal to the participants and spectators at these event. This gained them alot of respect and admiration in the community for sure, thus the outrage over the loss. I dont think for one minute it will ever go back to that but it is some background to the amount of sadness this channel is causing.


To have 4 Sportsnet channels and SN360 all sometimes showing the same program and not have had a plan in place to takeover showing the live events that Speed carries is just criminal IMO. Its all about the $$$ and not "occasionally changing our line up to ensure the best programming for our customers"