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Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

For several months now I have been asking Rogers, SpeedTV, and others what we in Canada will see after August 17th on the channel that has been known as Speed or Speedvision since we started receiving it in 1997, and failed to receive an answer. TV listings for August 17 and later have now made it apparent that we will be receiving an even more watered-down version of what we have been getting in recent years.


Fox in the U.S. bought this channel several years ago, and has been intentionally working to kill it off by removing more and more of the motorsports programming from this formerly motorsports oriented channel, replacing it with car collector, game and 'reality' show programming. Now even that will be continuously repeated loops of old shows, with very little or nothing that is new. Their intention has been to start their own general sports channel to compete with ESPN in the U.S., and now to attempt to force the American cable and satellite carriers to replace Speed with the new Fox general sports channel. The U.S. carriers who have not yet signed on for that new channel will continue to receive the pointless and almost entirely non-motorsports Speed channel as a punishment for failing to agree to pay for the new Fox Sports 1 channel.


Yet this punishment channel appears to be what we will continue receiving in Canada. Surely there must be something about this that fails to conform to their contracts with Canadian carriers, if not CRTC regulations regarding permitted non-Canadian channels, and could lead to it being removed and hopefully replaced as soon as possible?


Note that the Fox-owned Speed channel in Australia has remained very much a motorsports channel.


And most of Europe including Britain has a motorsports channel (not owned by Fox) called Motors TV.


Please, as soon as possible, replace the Speed channel we presently receive with one of these or another motorsports channel if others exist.




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Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

Agreed, Motors TV is fantastic! There's nothing like it out of the US

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

Fox Sports 1 and 2 are in the same category as ESPN and NBC Sports Network. They're not allowed to be directly distributed in Canada, and it is extremely unlikely that they will be any time soon.


They can sell some of their programming to Canadian channels. They can own a minority percentage of a Canadian channel, as ESPN does with TSN -- I think it was 20% last I heard.

I suppose they could conceivably apply for a licence for a channel to be named Fox Sports 1 in Canada, but only if they owned a similar small percentage while the rest was Canadian owned, and it would have to meet other licensing requirements that would presumably include a minimum amount of Canadian content. It could not just be distributing the U.S. channel's signal directly to Canadians 100% of the time.

The purpose of the rules is to ensure that Canada has its own channels that don't just get run out of business in our own country by foreign competition.


As I understand it, the U.S. (and other "non-Canadian") cable channels that are allowed to be distributed in Canada do not need to apply for a licence, but must apply and be approved, along with a Canadian distributer wanting to carry them, to be added to the list of approved non-Canadian channels.


This means they must demonstrate that they are not in direct competition with any Canadian channel. Speed was approved in 1997 because there was no Canadian motorsports channel. If the channel changes its programming format and becomes direct competition to a Canadian channel, it can be deleted. As far as I know, Fox has made no effort to get FS1 distributed in Canada, likely understanding it's just not allowed.


The closest channel on the list to be something like that would probably be the CBS Sports channel. But that was approved when it was CBS College Sports, and I believe it still largely maintains that format despite dropping the word "college" from its name. If it changes to become more of a mainstream general sports channel like FS1, NBCSN, and ESPN, I assume the Canadian channels like TSN and Sportsnet would likely ask that it be deleted.

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

Well described, thanks. My understanding is that Specialty channels are much easier to get approval for, as Speed did. With those, after satisfying the fact that the specialty being carried doesn't conflict with a Canadian channel, then the key is to have carriers on board to show the channel once it gets approved. This is where I take issue with the lack of communication by the major carriers to their customers about the specifics of their future plans and attempted plans.

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

I was hoping with yesterdays anouncement by TSN that they are going to 5 channels that there would be some mention of motorsports programming being added. they mentioned every sport known to man yesterday except motorsports being added to their line up. figures.


Also , coworker says he has Shaw Direct and they still have Speed and he hasnt been told anything about lossing it anytime soon.

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

Alot of it, likely comes with when the lisence expires for them getting the channel.

Each company (rogers, bell, etc), when they pay for the rights for a  channel, they pay get it for 1, 2, 5 whatever years.
When these contracts run out.. they need to go and re negotiate and pay for them again.

(this is where you can get big hoohaa happen like with AMC, where when the contract was up, amc was aking for ALOT more $$ the next time).

Likely then, the station chooses to then NOT renew.

Could be, that SHAWs contract is still not up yet..