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Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

For several months now I have been asking Rogers, SpeedTV, and others what we in Canada will see after August 17th on the channel that has been known as Speed or Speedvision since we started receiving it in 1997, and failed to receive an answer. TV listings for August 17 and later have now made it apparent that we will be receiving an even more watered-down version of what we have been getting in recent years.


Fox in the U.S. bought this channel several years ago, and has been intentionally working to kill it off by removing more and more of the motorsports programming from this formerly motorsports oriented channel, replacing it with car collector, game and 'reality' show programming. Now even that will be continuously repeated loops of old shows, with very little or nothing that is new. Their intention has been to start their own general sports channel to compete with ESPN in the U.S., and now to attempt to force the American cable and satellite carriers to replace Speed with the new Fox general sports channel. The U.S. carriers who have not yet signed on for that new channel will continue to receive the pointless and almost entirely non-motorsports Speed channel as a punishment for failing to agree to pay for the new Fox Sports 1 channel.


Yet this punishment channel appears to be what we will continue receiving in Canada. Surely there must be something about this that fails to conform to their contracts with Canadian carriers, if not CRTC regulations regarding permitted non-Canadian channels, and could lead to it being removed and hopefully replaced as soon as possible?


Note that the Fox-owned Speed channel in Australia has remained very much a motorsports channel.


And most of Europe including Britain has a motorsports channel (not owned by Fox) called Motors TV.


Please, as soon as possible, replace the Speed channel we presently receive with one of these or another motorsports channel if others exist.




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Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello Redeye



Yea until May 1st. What are you going to do then when it comes off? Speed It being taken down by Bell as well.
In the end even if you go to Bell, In 1.5 months the channel will be taken down & you will be upset as well.


Do what you must but remember, always review their reviews & what people say

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I'm a Reliable Contributor

FYI: in 2011, the CRTC *denied* an application by Rogers to add FUEL TV, since rebranded as Fox Sports 2, to the Canadian cable lineup. Their reason: the type of content it would show overlapped with/would compete with content shown on RadX and other Canadian channels.


Given that Fox Sports 1's content description is (according to Wikipedia) as follows:-


Fox Sports 1 airs an array of live sporting events, including college sports (most notably Pac-12 Conference and Big 12 Conference football, and Big East Conference basketball), soccer matches (including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, CONCACAF Champions League and Copa Libertadores), UFC mixed martial arts, and a variety of motorsports events such as NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and United SportsCar Championship. FS1's schedule will include Major League Baseball and FIA Formula E Championship in 2014, whereas coverage of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and United States Golf Association championship events will start in 2015. FS1 also features daily sports information, highlights, and discussion programming (with Fox Sports Live serving as the centerpiece), as well as sports-related reality and documentary programming.


. and the vast majority of that is already available on Canadian sports networks (which inicdentally are owned by Bell and Rogers), RadX, or other channels, it seems highly unlikely that an application for FS1 will be approved.


The other issue that most of you are ignoring is the issue of broadcasting rights.

Fox Sports, for example, may have negotiated for the rights to broadcast a particular sport in the USA, but they would have to pay more to also get the Canadian broadcast rights. There's no guarantee that they would do this, and in fact they may not be able to do this if a sporting organization already has a Canadian contract in place with a Canadian channel. So even if FS1 was available in Canada, it might be blacked out much of the time.


I complain about Rogers all the time, but they're really not to blame for "the problem".


I blame the CRTC... and not because of their rules, but because they allowed Speed Channel to operate in Canada for over 10 years when the programming premise on which the licence was granted had changed. Had the CRTC pulled the licence all those years ago, perhaps we might be watching Motors TV already.

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

Does any body know how I can watch MotoGP races this summer?!!, Man , I have bad luck, my favorite station is gone.

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

To add insult to injury, the ever so great (NOT) Rogers has now dropped SpikeTV from their regular package and from what I understand but can't find on their website, is that you have to buy an additional package for an additional $6/mth to now get that channel.  Sure it wasn't a great channel but it was one that did carry the Power Nation series wich was 4 car/truck DIY TV programs which use to be named something else when it was available on SPEEDTV.


What we all should do is get an American address, look on the internet on how to do that, and then drop Rogers or Bell and get DirectTV.  SInce the CRTC has allowed Rogers and Shaw to own Canada with no compitition except for Bell therefore creating money hungry giants who just don't give a . about their cusotmers.   DirectTV has much better channel offerings and we can give the All Controlling CRTC and thumb to the nose and make our own decisions on what we want to watch and pay for rather than 50% of the tv offerings being some crappy Canadian content.   Sorry my fellow Canadians but we are not good at creating quality TV or Movies and I just am fed up with paying for poor quaility but expensive entertainment.

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

Resident Expert

WHile i will agree, its bad that spike was moved... the spike move, did happen quite a while ago.. summer time?