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Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I Plan to Stick Around

For several months now I have been asking Rogers, SpeedTV, and others what we in Canada will see after August 17th on the channel that has been known as Speed or Speedvision since we started receiving it in 1997, and failed to receive an answer. TV listings for August 17 and later have now made it apparent that we will be receiving an even more watered-down version of what we have been getting in recent years.


Fox in the U.S. bought this channel several years ago, and has been intentionally working to kill it off by removing more and more of the motorsports programming from this formerly motorsports oriented channel, replacing it with car collector, game and 'reality' show programming. Now even that will be continuously repeated loops of old shows, with very little or nothing that is new. Their intention has been to start their own general sports channel to compete with ESPN in the U.S., and now to attempt to force the American cable and satellite carriers to replace Speed with the new Fox general sports channel. The U.S. carriers who have not yet signed on for that new channel will continue to receive the pointless and almost entirely non-motorsports Speed channel as a punishment for failing to agree to pay for the new Fox Sports 1 channel.


Yet this punishment channel appears to be what we will continue receiving in Canada. Surely there must be something about this that fails to conform to their contracts with Canadian carriers, if not CRTC regulations regarding permitted non-Canadian channels, and could lead to it being removed and hopefully replaced as soon as possible?


Note that the Fox-owned Speed channel in Australia has remained very much a motorsports channel.


And most of Europe including Britain has a motorsports channel (not owned by Fox) called Motors TV.


Please, as soon as possible, replace the Speed channel we presently receive with one of these or another motorsports channel if others exist.




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Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I've Been Around

Speed is scrolling across the screen that Rogers is dropping the Speed channel.

I know its a shadow of its former self, but its one of the channels i watch a lot.

If you like it, looks like we better . a bunch!!

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

It sucks that Rogers is dropping speed. The truck series is one of the only one with Canadians in it now we won't be able to follow

Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I'm a Senior Advisor

Y'all know that this is more on Fox than Rogers, right?


Fox switched SPEED in the US to Fox Sports 1.  Because their Canadian license wouldn't allow them to do that in Canada, they had to maintain a Canadian version of what is, essentially, a dead channel.



Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

Sounds like we'll have to switch to Bell Satellite TV or some other source in London.  After being a long time customer it sucks.  We already left Rogers years ago for cell service, now the cable will likely be next. 


Re: Please replace Speed with a motorsports channel

I've Been Here Awhile

Sounds like Rogers doesn't care from Facebook posts, so already looking into Bell Satellite TV or other as back-up plan.