Please fix the channel order

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Please fix the channel order

Why is the channel list so unorganized?? Bell TV makes so much sense, networks in the 200s, movies 300s, sports 400s, news and learning 500s etc...

Trying to browse TV is so frustrating when there is so much duplication of channels with no logical ordering.

Add this to the poor user experience of the next box software and it makes me sad I couldn't get Bell in my new apartment.

Can you please hire some UX designers to make things more user friendly?



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Resident Expert
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Re: Please fix the channel order

This is a user to user forum.. so it might go on deaf ears here.

ALOT of the lineup, is based on how things have been since AGES ago with original analog channel lineups.

ITs been that way for 30 some odd years.. doubt it will change any time soon.. but its possible.


Personally, i HATE the bell lineups when i go to relitives to use it.. that i have to go through 5 coppies of the same channel with the same show in a row due to them being grouped together.