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Please Help !!!

Hi Please help me . Rogers being  awesome wireless service provider is started to loose its charm . I thing Rogers is not able to manage overwhelming  customers  beans , which offcourse they created with  fabulous  customer service They are  certainly loosing control on what they are doing Actually they do not know  what they are doing . I am with Rogers  for almost 8 years now . In  beggaring of my career I have to move more frequently , so I was changing my addresses . Till now every thing was going fine , suddenly  a ghost from entered in to Rogers systems and  now they are asking me to confirm the previous addresses , which I do not remember . And recently they went further ahead and  declared that I have two people on my accounts . It seems both name were same  , but some spelled wrong  and another  created a new person out of it . In Last year, I have to call these guys  for almost 10 times and each time they asked me to give my email address, since they do not have  on records Come on guys , you are sending me all the communication on my email address for  8 years , and how come each time  you need it again . Now Its becoming scaring , I am worried about private information  is secured with these guys or not .

Further to my complication, when I tried to switch services  to bell , offcourse they are providing a better plan compared to one I have with Rogers , it becoming another  upward hill task . I called 3-4 times to cancel my services  and every time the  cs agent said do not worry sir , we have better plan for you , but after taking my 30-40 minutes , they spelled the  same thing, what I have  right now , which is 20$ more then  bell . So told them cancel it , and I have been told that  its done , and actually its not done . Yesterday , when I called Rogers for  my Black Barry problem , I came to know that my account have not been cancelled  yet  and if it got cancelled today again I I have to wait for another thirty days . Come please let me go . Now I do not have another 30-40 minutes to be on hold and and get cancelled my services . I will do it for certainly , here I am writing  so that  some one from highchair   might read this and look  in to customer service and  bring back the old Rogers . I will advise that way  you guys are dealing , is like burning the bridges . If there are some chances of coming back to Rogers , with your behavior , no body will come back  even they have to pay more to competitors . Just reminder , people do look for cheap things and discount , but they do also have dignity  and at certain point they wont care  what they are paying .



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Re: Please Help !!!

The whole account thing, two different names, etc i don't know what's up with that.

But the 30 day thing? That's standard. If you do switch to bell, but then descided to leave them later? They have the same 30 day thing.