Picture and sound cutting out

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Picture and sound cutting out

Hi,  Until recently we were with Shaw Cable in Hamilton, and they were bought out by Rogers.  Our box is Shaw's equivalent of the Rogers Nextbox with digital converter and PVR.  We had no issues with Shaw.  Since the switch to Rogers we're finding that the TV picture freezes/pixilates and the sound cuts out at the same time.  Very Annoying!   It doesn't happen all the time, mostly in the evenings and more so on more popular channels (CBC, CTV, HBO, Bravo).   Does it have anything to do with a bandwidth issue?  Times seem to [logically to me at least] co-incide with expected high internet demand.  I notice our internet is somewhat slower at the same time.   Never an issue on a weekday or weekend early morning..  


Any ideas?





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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Picture and sound cutting out

Could be a weak signal. Try resetting the box, which sometimes helps with that. If you're still having that problem, have a tech come look at your setup. Might require a new box, coax cable, line from outside or a signal booster.