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Picture Message Read Receipt

I've Been Here Awhile

Since switching to Rogers anytime I send a picture message to a non rogers/non iPhone contact it prompts them for a read receipt. This is extremely annoying! I have all of my settings turned off for read receipts and have been trying to figure this out for awhile and it seems that it is a Rogers issue. Any solutions?




Re: Picture Message Read Receipt

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Retired Moderator

Hi @Heather1086


Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for posting!


That's quite strange, do the recipients of the picture message have the read receipt option turned on their device?


Anyone else in the community have any insight? @Meowmix?



Re: Picture Message Read Receipt

I assume it is my end as this never happened 3 weeks ago when I was with bell. Rogers is the only change (besides a newer version of the iPhone) for either party.

Re: Picture Message Read Receipt

Hello @Heather1086,


I've noticed the same Read receipt message with my iPhone 7 too. It only pops up when I'm sending a picture/MMS message to a non-iPhone user. 


I took a minute to review the options under Settings >> Messages and seems like the only Read Receipts option we get is for when an iPhone user sends a message. This makes me think this is an option set up on the receiver's end. Not yours. They could also have RCS messaging set up on their devices. As far as I know since this is still a fairly recent addition, it could also be another reason why you've just started receiving those messages now that you're with Rogers.


Hope this helps!





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