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Phone will not turn on

I Plan to Stick Around

So I got caught in a huge storm, my phone pretty much got drenched during it. It's a Blackberry Torch 9800 that I got only two weeks ago. What can I do about this? Like I've tried leaving the phone with the battery out for about an hour, I've currently got it sitting in rice right now both the phone and battery. Is there ANYTHING possible you can suggest? I don't think taking it to Rogers will pro bably get me anything except telling me that I shouldn't have got it wet. I tried keeping it out of the rain but it still got wet and just stopped working. Really need your help as I need my phone for my job.


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Re: Phone will not turn on

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Hello Revan462,


Welcome to the Rogers community,


I suggest you bring your device to a Rogers store for repair. We have a repair program in place for blackberry. Please be advised that water damage is not covered under warranty. You will need to pay for the repair to the device in this case.


To find the nearest participating location to you, simply visit and check the box for
"Arranging a phone repair/replacement". The stores will be able to address any other issues related to the repair process specifics.


I hope this helps, 

Re: Phone will not turn on

You can try taking your phone to independant cellphone repair centres to see if they can perform a service called Liquid Damage Cleaning.   Just a side note, Liquid Damage is just that, its permanent damage to the phone that is often not reversable.  Depending on the extent of the water contact will determine if the phone will work or not.  I had liquid damage on my blackberry, and this place at one of the local Fli markets cleaned it out for $25 dollars for me, and it worked, but the battery suffered less battery life afterwards, which was expectable.   I had another phone once fall in the pool, unfortunately, the repair man told me it was not repairable. I still had to pay for the cleaning fee, because he did spend some time trying to fix it.


Also, sometimes the phone will work for months after its been cleaned, then suddenly stop working, dont be alarmed or upset at the repair guy. It's not his fault, its just the nature of the aftermath of liquid damage.





Re: Phone will not turn on

I Plan to Stick Around

The funny thing is though...I don't really know if it actually is water damage. I didn't drop it in a puddle, and frankly it's not even wet. The battery wasn't wet when I opened the back when I got inside, and the screen just had some water on it (with a screen protector). Frankly I've already had issues with said prohone since I got it, the battery would drain extremely quickly, etc. I'm going to Rogers today see what they say. It's possible it's the battery itself. Thanks everyone for your suggestions though.

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