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Phone data cable is defective

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I've noticed some charging issues with my Samsung Galaxy S3. At first I wasn't sure if it was my phone itself, the charger, or the cable.


After trying a different micro USB cable, and having no charging issues with the phone for a month (and still using the charger that came in the box), I'm convinced it's the cable.


I tried using the original cable again today, and I get the same issues again, I notice if I bend the cable ever so slightly the phone will stop charging.


So my question is, should I contact Rogers for a replacement, or contact Samsung directly? The phone is still under the 1 year warranty.


I know some may think I'm being silly about a $1 cable, but it's the principle of the matter, and I'm sure Samsung would appreciate feedback on the quality of their products.


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Re: Phone data cable is defective

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Retired Moderator

Hello FujiMuji,


The charging cable would not be covered under warranty. It is only the device that is covererd. I would advise you to look into buying a replacement one or continue to use the USB cable that you have been using in its place.




Re: Phone data cable is defective

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You can pick up a micro USB cable from your local computer store for around $15. Avoid the big box stores like Future Shop or The Source because they'll try and it sell it to you for $40.


Also, ignore the documentation that came with your phone that actually says the phone and all accessories (charging cable being an accessory) are covered by a manufacturer warranty. Apparently.

Re: Phone data cable is defective

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Hello mbazdell

The ONLY time a manufacturer will give warranty for the charger is if u get it separately. Apple is the only one I noticed that replaces chargers.

You can get one for cheap yes BUT make sure it's authentic and is genuine made for charging. I would not by a third part one at all. The money u spend for a genuine one is well worth it.

You can always find genuine chargers on sale or cheap on Kijiji, Craigslist and Ebay.
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