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Pesentation on rogers home monitoring

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I am hoping to connect with someone at rogers with the possibility to set up and presentation at my organization for rogers home monitoring. We work with clients that would greatly benefit from this service and myself and my team are interested in learning more about cost and application!


Thank you




Re: Pesentation on rogers home monitoring

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Hmm.. maybe they can pass something on to corporate..
or possible one of the local stores may be able to arrange something.

I tend to be the most knoledgeable user around here on it..

If you do have any general questions, etc.. i might be able to answer them.

What is it capable of..
Types of sensors.
Types of rules you can set up, etc.

EG: Set up a rule.. that when the front door opens, send a signal to one of the light switch/light power adapters to turn ON automatically, etc.