Paying through Online Banking

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Re: Paying through Online Banking

Hello mistress_of

I hope this has been resolved already but in case it is not:

Each finacial insitutuion should have at least two option for each service provider as a option for payee. This is due to the two types of account number that each would have. Different providers have different lengths of numbers.

Rogers' two options would usually be "Rogers - WIR" for accounts that have a cellphone or homephone on your regular bill and "Rogers - CABLE" for all internet and cable accounts that do not have a cellphone or homephone attached to it.

The names may vary from bank to bank but it should offer two options as a payee.

Just keep in mind that even though you may have your 12 digit cable/internet account number, if there is any cellphone or homephone on your same bill, you must use the 9 digit one instead since the 12 digit one is linked through it.

Hope this helps. 🙂

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