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Pay As You Go plan changes

I plan to stick around

I have 2 pay as you go phone. No too long ago, I updated one of my phone plan to 'By the minute - All day talk'.
Now, I want to switch the other one to this plan also. But I no longer seeing this plan.

Does rogers remove this plan?



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Re: Pay As You Go plan changes

I've been around

Hi I just topped up my balance to $100/yr. $5 for 250 text. I never make or receive calls, yet this time my balance depleted to $0 in a month. What happened? I would appreciate your help. I am not able to reach an agent.

Re: Pay As You Go plan changes

I'm a senior advisor

@payasugo2Exactly what plan do you have? I believe only the legacy talk anytime plan runs a balance. The newer ones have zero balance and you pay for the type of service. I made that mistake a couple of years ago, switching to a plan I thought suited me better when I renewed and suddenly found my balance was zero. I immediately called back and got reinstated to my original talk anytime plan. I pay $100/year and when my balance is well over $100 I use $100 from it to renew. 

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Re: Pay As You Go plan changes

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@payasugo2 wrote:

I am not able to reach an agent.

See the link below for instructions on how to reach an agent.  You may be on a "Talk and Text" plan instead of the old "Anytime" plan which allowed you to carry a balance, like @OLDYELLR  said in his post?  It's possible you were "switched" incorrectly, but if that's the case, then you should be able to get it straightened out by calling, assuming the switch was recent.


Here's the thread where the (automatic) switch from Anytime to Talk/Text was discussed.


Here's an FAQ on PAYGo:

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