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Pay As You Go - Questions about Additional Usage

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi everyone,

I've got a PAYG line that I've topped up annually with the $100/annual plan for the last few years.  I'm looking to change plans since I've already topped up 2x within the year and coming close to having to top up again.


I've been reviewing the plans and let's take the $10/mo plan that gives you 50 minutes and 30 cent/min for any additional overage.  My questions are:


1) If I go over 50 minutes for the month, how do the additional 30 cents/min get charged?  Does it start getting deducted from the $10 or is it on top of the $10?  I'm assuming it's on top of the $10.  If that's the case, then do they just track the overage and then charge my credit card at the end of the cycle?


2) I don't see anything about carrying over unused minutes in any of these plans.  Is that no longer available?




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Re: Pay As You Go - Questions about Additional Usage


Good day @Hwaiting,


Thank you for your post!


I understand the nature of your concerns regarding the Top-Up for your Pay-As-You-Go line and it is my pleasure to help shed some light on this matter.


Regarding the $10 monthly plan, it includes 50 text, picture and video messages as well as 50 minutes of anytime local calls included. Any additional usage made will require you to add funds to your balance.


Auto Top-Up is our no-worry automated payment service. This free service allows you to top up your account automatically - when you need it. If your credit card is registered on your account for "Auto Top-Up", I would recommend you to verify whether you have set up:

Automatic Option:
If you have a Pay by the Month plan, Pay by the Year plan, or monthly add-on, Auto Top-up will charge your credit card automatically on your plan due date.

Low Balance Option:

Your account will automatically be topped up with the amount you select whenever your account balance is about to expire OR if it falls below $1. This is ideal for the plan you are thinking about!


If you're simply subscribed to Automatic Top-Ups and happen to run out of airtime, you will be unable to place and receive phone calls, until you manually add to your balance.


Regarding the "rollover" minutes, it is no longer available as part of the plans. However, if you added funds to your balance and did not use it all when your cycle starts over, your unused prepaid balance will get carried over to the next month for you to use.


Hope this addresses all of your inquiries!




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