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Paramount network

I've Been Around

Spike replaced today by paramount which is fine but why is there no programming information Available and why is the channel not able to record??



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Re: Paramount network

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Hello @Jaclee,

Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thanks for posting your findings and inquiry. The likely reason for the guide not displaying any information yet is the recent transition to Paramount. I experienced a similar issue when BBC Earth first launched as well, it was resolved within 24 hours. It'll likely resolve shortly, but we can definitely launch a ticket on your behalf if the issue persists.


Next time you're online, please PM us, @CommunityHelps and we can get that done for you.


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Re: Paramount network

I've Been Around

So did Rogers address your inquiry?  What channel is Paramount??

Re: Paramount network

Hello @ranham,


Welcome to the Community Forums. New channels are always exciting!


Paramount Network can be found in the same channel location as SpikeTV previously, which would be channel 279 in Toronto.


@Jaclee, I just checked my PVR and notice I'm now able to see the guide and record shows, I hope you have the same experience!



Re: Paramount network

Channel 279 is still not showing proper tv listings I’m looking for “I am Paul Walker” on the paramount Network supposed to be airing on Saturday August 11 @ 9pm but it’s not showing and the channel doesn’t even exist on my Rogers anyplace tv app. If this channel has been around since January of 2018 shouldn’t these kinks be worked out

Re: Paramount network

Good afternoon @Mimmo79!


Welcome to the Community & thank you for your post!


I'm looking forward to the documentary as well. May I know where did you see the documentary scheduled for August 11th 9pm? As far as availability on Rogers Anyplace TV is concerned, while a wide selection of the channels included in a customer’s Digital TV subscription are available to stream, not every channel can be viewed via the feature. This has to do with the broadcasting rights.



Hope this helps :).






Re: Paramount network

I am also wanting to watch the documentary. I am not streaming but channel 279 shows "bar rescue" at 9 pm on August 11th.

Re: Paramount network

Hello @Mimmo79 & @Chevygirl88,


@Chevygirl88 - Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your post!


I grew up watching the Fast and the Furious movies and I was a big Paul Walker fan so I can totally understand your desire to watch the Documentary that will be airing this weekend on the Paramount Network. 


From what I can gather it seems like we have not been awarded the rights to air this program as it may only be available for U.S. subscribers at this time. I can understand how disappointing this may be but I am hopeful that we will have access to this content in the near future. I have checked multiple sources and it does not appear to be an error with the guide but I would still tune into the Paramount Network tomorrow at 9:00 PM or set your PVR to record whatever is on that channel, just in case!




Re: Paramount network

Why can’t I view anything on this channel? I don’t get the “you are not subscribed to this channel msg”

Re: Paramount network

Greetings and welcome to our Community @Shawn15!


What happens when you do try to view this channel? Is it just a black screen?


Please let me know so that I can best determine the next steps to help you.




Re: Paramount network

I've Been Around

In Barrie ON it is 279.  

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