Packet loss since upgrade?

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Packet loss since upgrade?

ever since i upgraded my internet package with unlimited bandwidth about 2 weeks ago i've been having problems with packet loss in the games i play online and speed/ping tests. it seems my connection has become very unreliable.


i have a massive list of different ping test results that range from 50% loss to 80% with lots of ping and jitter, to tests where i have 0% loss, no jitter and a great ping. speedtest tells me my speeds (up and down) are fine. my download speeds are pretty normal, though they sometimes will slow down to a crawl for 20 - 30 seconds. its worth noting i've done tests on other computers around my house and they all have the same problem.


it's pretty much impossible for me to play ANY online game at this point. i'll be lagg free for several minutes, then i will completely freeze up for a few seconds or rubberband really bad. this happens while playing on my PC, xbox 360, xbox one, etc.


has anyone else ever had issues like this? it seems my speed is pretty normal but i get these massive drops in quality of connection where my internet goes to a standstill. i've tried everything i can possibly think of. i've upgraded my modem to the best available, tried different internet cables. i now have a direct connection from the coaxial cable outside running directly into my modem without any splitters at all. i've updated my drivers on my PC including my network. i've also called rogers once, explained the problem and was run through some modem tests and a reboot and was told my speeds were fine. 



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Re: Packet loss since upgrade?

changing to the unlimited.. SHOULDNT have caused it.. as it doesnt change any configuration at all on the modem, etc end.. only what your 'limit' for the usage is.


Might be a more area problem..or they are doing upgrades to something..  But of course maintenance NEVER tells the regular techs, if this is the case, to pass onto the customer.

Had some similar issues for 2-3 weeks around september... then cleared up.
(was actually able to get an answer, once, when they tried to book ANOTHER tech visit.. came up to them saying there was maintenance in the area).

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Re: Packet loss since upgrade?

What modem do you have?  You say the "best available" - if that is the Hitron CGN3 then that could be your problem right there.  Are you using your modem in gateway mode or bridge mode?  If bridge mode then what is your router and did you change anything on that recently?


Have you tried unplugging other devices on your LAN?  I have had one PC that slowed down my entire network - once it was rebooted then all was well.


I would simplify by reducing the networking equiment to the bare minimum and building from there. It is possible that one bad networking device on your LAN is causing the problem.