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PVR Software (Menu) Upgrade

I've Been Around

Does anyone have any information on any upcoming update the the PVR system?


It's the only thing I absolutely HATE about Rogers.  The whole PVR set-up sucks!


There have been rumours of a new system coming soon, but if it doesn't come soon I may have to switch my TV just so I can get a half-decent PVR.



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Re: PVR Software (Menu) Upgrade

I'm Here A Lot

Wish I knew... I agree that the interface needs a facelift.

Re: PVR Software (Menu) Upgrade

I Plan to Stick Around

Agreed completely.  It's now October; is there any word from anyone on software upgrades?  Anyone from Rogers listening?


Re: PVR Software (Menu) Upgrade

Community Manager (Retired)

Hi dharrison,


Welcome to our community!


I don't have any new announcements as of yet.



Re: PVR Software (Menu) Upgrade

I'm a Reliable Contributor

I hear that the new firmware is being phased in. I also hear it is causing many problems for many people such as:

-huge lag
-pause while watching or viewing while 'recording' results in black screen
-no recordings saved

We have an external hard drive with a lot of recordings we do not want to lose? Is there any way to opt out of the new firmware update? And why would Rogers force this upon people if it is causing so many problems?