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PVR Software (Menu) Upgrade

I've Been Around

Does anyone have any information on any upcoming update the the PVR system?


It's the only thing I absolutely HATE about Rogers.  The whole PVR set-up sucks!


There have been rumours of a new system coming soon, but if it doesn't come soon I may have to switch my TV just so I can get a half-decent PVR.



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Re: PVR Software (Menu) Upgrade

I Plan to Stick Around

If Rogers is blaming Cisco for the many problems occurring with the PVR's, perhaps that should be a very strong indicator that it's time to change suppliers!  Let's get boxes that not only work, but also have those super advanced high tech features we want, like, you know, SEARCH!  Seems like a perfect opportunity for Rogers to begin discussions with Tivo to perhaps forge a partnership with them.  With Rogers' subscriber base, I'm sure it is something that would be worth Tivo's attention.

Re: PVR Software (Menu) Upgrade

@ RogersErin,


As you suggested, we have contacted Rogers Technical Support regarding issues since the Software/Firmware upgrade 6 times in the past 2 months (random PVR reboots, missed scheduled recordings, etc).   Your post leads us to believe that the Technical Support staff is aware and up-to-date on this issue.  However, it is evident to those of us who contact Technical Support (way, way, way more than we ever would want to) that the Technical Support staff is not aware of the current issues and do not have adequate knowledge to troubleshoot/resolve the issues.


The consistent "canned" response we receive from the Technical Support team is to replace our box citing "it's a hardware problem".   Unfortunately nobody from your Technical Support team can ever tell us what the exact hardware problem is that would cause the issues.  It was encouraging to read in your post that it seems that Rogers will be able to resolve the issues (eventually), and that a box replacement is not necessary/wouldn't fix the problems anyways.  Luckily we read your post before going and shelling out the cash.


We own our Scientific Atlanta 8300HD PVR and our Rogers PVR Extender and it is incomprehensible to us that someone would tell us we need to spend $500 to replace our PVR without providing any details as to what the exact hardware problem is.   We have done our part to proactively contact Rogers with our issues, we have complied with their suggestions/recommendations to constantly unplug and reboot our box, have sought more details through this and other forums, and have been patiently waiting for Rogers to fix their fumbled "upgrade".  Rogers, for their part, has failed to provide any proactive information to their loyal and paying customers about why their products and services are failing.


Do you have any more information to give us direction on how to manage in the interim, and how long this "interim" might be?


Re: PVR Software (Menu) Upgrade

I'm a Trusted Contributor

That's why I always rent if I can.


Re: PVR Software (Menu) Upgrade

I'm a Senior Advisor

Here is another weird thing that we have noticed with our recordings. We have one show set to record every day from 5 AM - 6 AM. By my calculation, that would be 1 hour of recording time. Yet when we go to play the show, the recording time is always less than 1 hour - 54 minutes, 58 minutes, 56, minutes etc. The show is not split into 2 recordings either. For some reason the full hour is not recorded. So once again, I would like to know if Rogers is going to step up to the plate and give us some information here to let us know what us being done about this fiasco. The update was done 6 months ago and people are still experiencing lost recordings, split recordings, set recordings which disappear, and hard drives spinning up and down. You might want to blame Cisco, but it was not Cisco who rolled out the update and continued to ignore customer complaints.