PVR Recordings not viewable

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PVR Recordings not viewable

My recording wont play on one of my boxes, it says the show was deleted, but when I check on another box it is there and available to watch and plays just fine.  Please help!



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Re: PVR Recordings not viewable

Hey @rosanna8,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


Before the Community can help troubleshoot your issue, we would like to ask a few clarifying questions first.


When did the one box stop working?

Have you tried rebooted the box?

What model is your box and how is your Whole Home PVR set up?


Anyone else in the Community experiencing similar symptons?




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Re: PVR Recordings not viewable

Hello @rosanna8,

I have also seen this on my boxes, but not often.


Try rebooting (unplug, wait 5 seconds, plug back in, wait 5-10 minutes).  Does the program play correctly.


Does this happen often? If so, you should consider calling this into Rogers (1-888-ROGERS-1) next time it occurs - ask them to check the signal strength to your cable boxes and send out a technician if they do not meet their standards (weak signal, intermittent signal, etc).


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Re: PVR Recordings not viewable

Sometimes i found it would require reboot of both boxes.. the PVR and remote box.
REboot the PVR first, then the remote box.


As robindp said, the signal can come into play.

If say the signal just for that one TV has a problem, that could be enough to cause it not to work properly.