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PVR Automatiacally Recording

I Plan to Stick Around

Is something wrong with my box?  Two shows that I did not set to record were listed as recording (highlighted red and REC showing up when on the channel) today.  Was this some sort of glitch?  One of the shows was the Marilyn Denis show from Friday afternoon on April 15.








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Re: PVR Automatiacally Recording

I Plan to Stick Around

Actually, I think it's recording practically every show on the HDCTV channel.  Is this weird?

Re: PVR Automatically Recording

I'm a Senior Advisor

I pretty well suspect that all of these recording glitches has something to do with the firmware update which has created havoc with the PVRs. This past weekend, nothing that we set to record was actually recorded, even though the programs showed up on the list of shows to be recorded. To test things, we tried to manually record something by pushing the record button. It did not work. Our PVR had simply lost the ability to record. A reboot corrected this issue. Perhaps a reboot will correct your issue writergal!


People have had multiple issues with this update since last fall. It sure would be nice to get some definitive answer from Rogers as to what they are going to do, if anything, to correct all of the issues!

Re: PVR Automatically Recording

If you do have a 8300 PVR please send your full name + Address to and we will follow up on the issue for you.  Also include a description of the issue.


Thank you.

Re: PVR Automatically Recording


Most issues can be corrected by a reboot of the box. The problem is that since the firmware update, there are far too many issues. Among the issues are lost recordings on external hard drives, the PVR spinning up and down, the PVR spontaneously rebooting, shows that are set to record not recording while shows that were never set to record do record, and issues of recordings ending early (programmed for 1 hour, but records only 58 minutes) or split recordings (shows broken into two separate recordings).  I have already reported on one problem (lost recordings) and was issued a ticket. That was two months ago and I am still waiting to hear back from Rogers. I suspect the ticket was either cancelled or resolved, even though nothing was actually done!


What people really would like to know Hemal is whether or not Rogers will ever provide a fix to correct the problems caused by an update that never should have been pushed through in the first place. Can you please provide us with an answer to that question?

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