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PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I'm a Senior Contributor


My family's used Roger's since early 1970's. I have had ongoing issues since 2013. (Mostly cable). I was getting Promos which was the only reason I stayed (although Bell wasn't improving - home phone.)

I have (had) VIP package with several theme packs but promos ran out last week.

I was "sold" the "Premier" which I was told had everything I had, but was cheaper. I compared yesterday and 300+ channels VS. 170+ channels; MOST of the ones I (and others) watch were excluded. I also was told that there could be NO PROMOS with the VIP anymore. Can they do that?

It's MUCH cheaper for Rogers, a bit for me, but since I and others here USE TV 24 hours a day, we wanted the extra channels but cannot afford the having no VIP promos.



Anyone have any advice? Try Bell?

Rogers used to be for the customer but within last year has become rude, to get techs is DAYS waiting, most are not good one destructive and incompetent. Anyone else notice this?

Overall service has been horrible for all 3 I have: home phone, internet and cable.




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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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Without a doubt the VIP packages were the best around, and included lots of value added features, and choice of channels.


Once they moved to being required to have packages, and the starter channel, and pick and pay and theme paks,

I supsupect the whole package mix and priciing by both companies used algorithms to analyze the actual data, the areas we live in, not hard to figure out the demographics of the population in the area, and ultimately they created packages that are set up to maximize the profits on the channel mix that we use the most - marketing (more channels - while many of them are not the ones that most people watch and buy), so no matter how you mix and match it, the majority will be priced to a certain level depending upon your channel preferences - In our case, most of the channels we enjoy the most are in a theme pak, and one add on and TMNHBO, the rest we could get on a starter with the same add-ons, but since they don't give ou the discounts you get on the upper packages an bundling, you lose value added stuff like bonus channels - they really aren't bonus, they are part of the price mix and will show up on your bill as a line item - but it sounds good - hey I get a bonus channel, but you have no choice, you pay whether you take it or not, so of course you will pick something - hopefully is something you would choose to wathc.


Digital cable and two way communication on our boxes provided them the access to all our use data - time of day, stations, how many connections in our home, etc, use by box, what do we record, and a powerful way to analyze and create mixes that relfect what we watch, but setting them up to maximize our costs and encourage us to higher level packages, now with less that we got before for more costs (sure the costs went up over the years, but it was cost increases, for same services - not cost incrases and less services.)


If you are moving off old package, take some time with your box aand build a spreadsheet of exactly what you feel you need to wath, what you sort of wathc, and what you don't wathc, and see if you can create and or cancellation department - with change department, not a front end CSR and tell them what you want to watch, and have them do the work to figure out how you can get what you want for the lowest price possible - be prepared to give up with some things, unless you want to pay for themes and add on channels.


And then look at bundles if it is worth it for you,   My approach now is to view the whole negotation as starting competely a new relationsihp - I start at the bottom and see what I can move up to and the costs for each mix.  Takes a number of calls and about an hour with someone who really knows their stuff.  Get a quote written down by them, then since they won't send quotes, go to chat anohter day and have them type out all the details of the quote line by  line, and have your bill handy and compare what your are geting and cost of before and after.


To ease your identification of channels you watch go into settings and hide all channels you don't watch, set those you absolutley really don't want to give up as favourites, and leave the others as optional.


the first pass through is a long process, but once it is done, you can then use the IPG to add to the favourites, or remove from favourites to optional.


Get them to confirm each channel you are getting in each package -


be patient, get a coffee, and water, take a break if your need, and for me, I sit on speaker phone, and I type into the prepared spreadsheet  - sorted by channel or by network, depending upon what works best.


Get them to go through the items in the packages - some people have found that some of the promotion packages they may have for existing customers, don't match the channel mix on the web site which is new customers.


Good luck - it is a corporation, know your needs, shop around .  Even if you miss the end date, you will just go to the new retail price for your existing package on a month to month term, so you may pay a bit extra while you figure it out.


And don't say yes to anything until you fully understand it and then agree with your yes - by the way, courts at moment precident view what is said in the phone call as a verbal contract and if the confirmation differs, the verbal contract takes precedent, but who want to fight to a court.  Try and get them to nail it down and me, get it in writing through the chat and keep your own notes, and verifiy with them your notes, and then verify their notes - you read tyours, they agree they match - thye read their notes, and you see if they match, before you say yes to anything.


Because you realy can't go back, but if an error is made, they will sometimes compensate with a freebie service or two, a short term discount, but putting it back, is very hard - can be done through OOP if you reach that level and changed by back end dtabase staff who have access to all existing plans in the system, activation dates, etc.


Be an educated consumer.  Be polite, patient as best you can, but the reality is that they want the VIP out of the system, and the standard 3 packages and the starter package, with some variability beyond the presented mixes.


Good luck.



Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I Plan to Stick Around

@YtanyaY.  I read your post and I understand your frustration and upset about all the changes to the services you have had for a long time. I remember having a big old clunker of a TV that you just plugged into the wall and you actually had to get up and manually change the channel. I also recall my bill (with Rogers) being something like $15.00 and had quite a variety of shows to watch, but that was  40 years ago!

I agree with others about educating yourself as a consumer on products, services and changes etc. 

Last year I left Rogers for Bell because my grandfathered plans, prices etc., where no more and I was annoyed to say the least.

I lasted with Bell 6 weeks and a few days over. It was a nightmare! My bill was never the same from day to day, customer service was beyond horrible, it was non-existent . After I 'fired' Bell I called Rogers one late evening and was welcomed back. In retrospect, I found out what bad service really is and to get out from under all that negativity, I changed my attitude.

Before I called Rogers I researched what was being offered, read different opinions in the community forum and also to a look at the CRTC's website.

What I do differently now is I research beforehand, I write down bits and pieces of info that I might want to talk about with Rogers and I choose a time and day to make that call when I can concentrate, and am not cranky from lack of food or sleep.

When I  call Rogers  I am polite, ask the CSR by their name how they are. I try to be clear about my reason(s) for calling without getting into dead end negative conversation. 

Change is good even if I end up with less channels. I  would rather have a good professional means of communication and negation with Rogers than not. 

I don't even remember most of what I used to watch during the VIP days. 

If I feel the communications with the CSR is not great then I will still thank them for their time and just call back later on  and ask to go over it all again with the hopes that something can be worked out that's more to what I was looking for.

I value being with Rogers and do my best to be a good customer and have had some amazing conversations with a lot of CSRs, resulting in finding a good happy medium of media to watch and within my budget.

One last thing, several years ago I did have some major issues with my service which was not resolvable with the usual people you'd talk with. I wrote to the Office of the President and with their help and intervention got things sorted out. (Every department has different authorities.) 

I am grateful for what I have!


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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I'm a Senior Contributor

Hi and thank you for replying.

I did not cancel VIP. I just called them now (after 1 HOUR) on hold to formally cancel the move to premier and unfortunately the modem replacement was also cancelled.

The premier is TRULY evil. There is ONE "bonus" for the entire 170 stations. (Hollywood suite – each of its 5 channels is a bonus so suite is a misnomer. (I.E it would be 5 bonuses for 1 suite)

I still have my VIP with no promos because they are INCOMPATIBLE(?).

Getting a lot of calls from Bell (I even blocked them) and many ads – fwiw one has cable offering 500+ channels. Have not checked cost. (And they have MANY hidden costs)

I don’t know for certain but I thought it was 300+ channels.

Rogers IMO has deteriorated from their CSR to technical clumsiness (IMO). The majority have little knowledge, and long delays B4 getting a technician to “visit”...

Thanks again for reply!

Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I'm a Senior Contributor

I kept the VIP but lost my modem upgrade appointment.

Bell is AGGRESSIVE They call non-stop (I blocked them) & R sending ads - 1 of which says cable up to 500+ channels. They have LOTS of hidden costs and I did try them several years ago but despite the improved inter phase, there were excessive problems with the remotes, knowing what channel one was on, and other people here couldn't figure it out either… (Plus no support and hidden costs … )

"Maybe we need to stick our heads together and get some media on it, I am certain CTV, a Bell Media company, would love to promote it.... "

Not sure I understand but if I do, I agree...


Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I've Been Here Awhile



My parents are long time Rogers cable subscribers, so much so that they still use analogue with a digital adapter (the DTA-50, if I remember right). They're currently paying $70 (pre-HST) for 52 linear channels (including the useless stuff) through grandfathered packages that no longer exist. Since that isn't a very good deal, they're finally open to upgrading to digital services, but have a few questions:


- This is probably obvious, but how flexible is Rogers in terms of what you can subscribe to? Could they buy the Popular or Premier packs and then supplement that with a Theme Bundle or two and a few la carte channels? My guess is yes, but confirmation would be good.


- Given my parents are still using the digital adapter, would I be able to install a Nextbox 3 without the need of a tech to come over?  They live in a Toronto neighborhood, so I imagine that even if the equipment inside isn't up-to-date that the infrastructure should be there. I'd prefer to install it for them, since that's $50 going elsewhere. They're not looking to add service to anything other than the den they currently have cable in.


- Is there any shot at them getting a loyalty perk to cover the cost of a box rental? My parents have been subscribers for 20 years and also have mobile with them. $18/month for a Nextbox 3 is a bit much. They'd be fine with a SD box, but they'd like a PVR. If that's extremely doubtful, I'd likely grab them a Nextbox 3 off of Kijiji. I know I could probably do the same with an old SD PVR, but I have firsthand experience on how slow those things are.


- For AnyPlaceTV, how many channels offer live streaming? Is it only the big networks (CTV, CBC, City, Global, etc.) or are a lot of the specialties also available? You don't have to be a Rogers Internet subscriber to access that, right?