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PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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My family's used Roger's since early 1970's. I have had ongoing issues since 2013. (Mostly cable). I was getting Promos which was the only reason I stayed (although Bell wasn't improving - home phone.)

I have (had) VIP package with several theme packs but promos ran out last week.

I was "sold" the "Premier" which I was told had everything I had, but was cheaper. I compared yesterday and 300+ channels VS. 170+ channels; MOST of the ones I (and others) watch were excluded. I also was told that there could be NO PROMOS with the VIP anymore. Can they do that?

It's MUCH cheaper for Rogers, a bit for me, but since I and others here USE TV 24 hours a day, we wanted the extra channels but cannot afford the having no VIP promos.



Anyone have any advice? Try Bell?

Rogers used to be for the customer but within last year has become rude, to get techs is DAYS waiting, most are not good one destructive and incompetent. Anyone else notice this?

Overall service has been horrible for all 3 I have: home phone, internet and cable.




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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I Plan to Stick Around

 I don't feel so nice about Rogers any longer and I have really, really tried. But after hours and hours and hours of wasted time on here, chat and phone calls to Rogers , talking with managers, talking with people at the office of the president and even after filing a complaint with the CCTS and subsequently speaking with another person from the office of the president who sent me a followup email outlining my monthly charges etc., Rogers still screwed up on this last bill dated April 4/19. Rogers still after EVERYTHING still charged me the wrong amount. I had to call billing which got escalated, explain the whole situation all over again to the manager who then assured me that the amount I was reading off to her from the email from the office of the president, was indeed correct and not what was just posted in My Rogers. The call to straighten out this latest wrong amount took 54 minutes of my time.  I read that their was a decline in the amount of people subscribing to TV. Maybe if Rogers trained and recruited better qualified people and really listened to what customers are saying they want or don't want in programming etc., maybe Rogers would have better numbers to report and happier customers. 

Rogers ,I now have TV. internet, home phone and a Rx for tranquilizers. The tranquilizers are so I can deal with you.

Every time from now on, if and when Rogers screws up with billing or sends an incompetent tech out to fix nothing, I will continue to file yet another and another complaint with the CCTS. I have reached the end of my patience and loyalty with Rogers.

And now I am going out to pay the CORRECT amount for this months bill.

There is NOTHING Rogers can fault me with. I have always paid in full and not at the last minute either.


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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I'm a Senior Contributor

I guess if enough people decide their DEMAND is FAR LESS than Roger's declining SUPPLY, Rogers may take a hint and start treating customers like they would themselves.

Bottom-line, WE are their bottom line

Thanx 4 reply!

Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I'm a Senior Contributor

Your post sounds about like mine would if my roger's time ALLOCATION was not at the limit!

I have spoken with Rogers for well over 84 HOURS (DOCUMENTED) since 2014. And am in worse shape!


They even *replaced* an outside line! - NO change!


Wouldn't it B wonderful if Rogers decided 2 take the high road, & tried giving back 2 customers? They'd start a trend. They'd start competition in improvements while other <censored> companies tanked!!


I'm at the end of the way I have approached them!


Touch wood (cable box) at least their EXCESSIVE censorship has waned a bit!


P.S. If you have 2 pay for your Rx make sure they reimburse you or you declare it on your taxes!


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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I've Been Here Awhile

In My Opinion, Greet the person who answers your call with a ‘good morning’ or whatever.

If you didn’t catch their name, ask and then write it down so you can use it while talking/negotiating.

Ask them how their day is going, be polite, friendly and be clear about what you are looking for.

Even if they aren’t offering you what you hoped for you can still be polite and thank them for the offer but it’s not what you want. If you feel that you are not getting anywhere you can always end the call respectfully and try calling back later on or the next day or week.