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PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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My family's used Roger's since early 1970's. I have had ongoing issues since 2013. (Mostly cable). I was getting Promos which was the only reason I stayed (although Bell wasn't improving - home phone.)

I have (had) VIP package with several theme packs but promos ran out last week.

I was "sold" the "Premier" which I was told had everything I had, but was cheaper. I compared yesterday and 300+ channels VS. 170+ channels; MOST of the ones I (and others) watch were excluded. I also was told that there could be NO PROMOS with the VIP anymore. Can they do that?

It's MUCH cheaper for Rogers, a bit for me, but since I and others here USE TV 24 hours a day, we wanted the extra channels but cannot afford the having no VIP promos.



Anyone have any advice? Try Bell?

Rogers used to be for the customer but within last year has become rude, to get techs is DAYS waiting, most are not good one destructive and incompetent. Anyone else notice this?

Overall service has been horrible for all 3 I have: home phone, internet and cable.




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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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@Datalink wrote:

As in what Rogers should be doing for their customers, instead of the customers doing it for Rogers??  This has been a long standing complaint for Rogers Cable TV customers which appears to be nowhere near resolution.  How hard can it be, its a database relation ..... data in ..... data out.  

@Datalink   You call it like you see it so well and do your best to layout the solutions while avoiding the back and forth discussions that take us nowhere.


This is such a well worn thread - this thread topic has come in many different forms for as long as I can remember - we could say, remember the days when they provided a sticker to go on the back of our remote - agreed that was before we had 100 channels, then they moved to a card, then for a while we could print them out, and now we are where we are here now.


Datalink, and others who understand programming know just how simple this request is - on our bills, it shows our packages, and extra channels, but not the full channel listing - the CRTC requires now that when we change our plans that we get a PDF, which is useful, it is 6 pages long.


So yes, we can go to the current lists as we have been linked to, but the format in the PDF is very different from the HTML displayed table.


I learned recently, when asking for a comparison of my plans, since I am on Popular, I could keep the same popular, I asked if that is the same channels, was told, no, we would have to look deeper at that, and that can be done with the PDF and the current web site.  But as said, the packages we get aren't always the same as the new consumer.


A strategy I am using now is I open up the channel guide to Anyplace TV at home, and I name off each channel one by one , or the other way is from my TV guide - turn off all unsubscribed channels, and have them advise me from their end each channel in the offered package, or a comparable package, and how much to add any lost channels.


It is not an easy process - I can do it on my own by using my dual screens for my computer and put the guide on one side, and the listing of comparisons on channels for each package on the other monitor, and a note pad to collect any differences.


Basically, the work is now all our own.  Build your own package and contact them, then do a final confirmation by running over all you are agreeing since they don't send you quotations, they direct you to the site to do the work yourself.  If there are errors you will see it in the paper work that comes.


I feel like when I am buying a car and now treat it the same - what are all the options, the total costs, discounts, taxes, shipping, setup, etc, and is this what I am looking for.


So in my own opinion, Rogers does not want to make this comparison process easy.  It is not just a comparison between their services, but try comparing your existing services, to new ones, to new companies - make sure you have lots of time.


They are required by the CRTC to provide all details of our service offers and changes, but basically, they make us do the work and ask the questions - the things we lose by going to Ignite like backup battery for phone, on display phone messages, two phone lines available, etc, we have to ask - they  don't jump out and tell you, except for the power backup issue as that is a legal requirement to describe the impact on 911, so we have to be told that one.


I drove a poor other company rep a bit nuts at the door recently because he asked what do you like to want, my answer, I can't say off my head.  So he had a list of each package and channels included, and I opened up my phone Anhyplace TV app, went to the guide, and started at the top and said, here is my channel, one channel at a time, do you offer the same channel in the package you are suggesting me.  I then had him mark any missing ones in order to tell me what it would cost to add the missing channels.  I now do the same over the phone with phone reps at Rogers too.  Some will do it, others won't, and then since I can't afford to pay more, we then look at keeping the channels I desire and the other packages.  Takes time, but think how long it takes to buy a car and trade in your old car, how long does it take to negotiate a home purchase.  Over the life of your service, maybe we can't expect them to just give us the information easy, but we can keep pushing.


I thank the Rogers people for the links, that does not provide the solution for VIP users as to their current services, it doesn't even provide the user the changes to things like bonus channels and last years Popular compared to this years.  That is the work I have to do in advance, and the best solution I have found is build a spread sheet using the Guide from your TV box, or your Anyplace TV, then compare it against the posted channels and costs, but always confirm with them before you agree.


The problem is that we do have a remorse period, but like Ignite TV, they make it difficult to say, I decided I don't want the new service and want to go back.  Often you are told you can't.  And you are warned before hand that you can't, so the remorse period means take the change or leave it, or ask for compensation, or find a new company.


They make is so much work, and so prone to errors, that the risk is that we just walk on them.  I know when I buy cars, I say, this is what I will pay, I am done talking, and as mentioned in another post, you can always try a new service side by side from another company - yes you pay some money to do so, but at least you get a test drive in your own home.


And as a final note - yes, @Datalink  it is such an easy solutionn - there is a database with every cable user that feeds your available channels and shows them on your box and anyplace TV.  The same query that pulls that data can output the data to a pdf printout on request and sent to you, or even online under MyRogers.  The only difference is the output of the data is to us for our use, rather than the box or app.


Since they have not done it, I don't think they really see any benefit to them and not worth working on it, no matter how much we ask, but do keep asking.


I hope I have given some suggestions on how to be smart consumers and have the questions to make them answer for you on the changes - they are required to provide the information when asked before we agree to anything, and if you do ask, I don't know CRTC position on just sending us to a complex web site, with no reference to our old services, but they have to give it to you somehow.


Good luck everybody - maybe someday, this silliness will all come to an end.




Another solution is you can

Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I Plan to Stick Around

Same thing happened to me last year. I was told I could not get BBC World news or any of the International news channels with VIP anymore. I switched to Premier and took them as an add on but never did understand why I could not get them on VIP. My personal opinion is Rogers know that package was a great deal and want users to pay more for less. Once you make the switch you can't go back to VIP so that tells you the story right there. I am still fuming over this but Rogers say, too bad we cant do anything about it now.

Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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@bg47  I believe you nailed it. I have VIP and it's just about the best deal Rogers offered. But compared to the current offerings it's not available anymore because, in Trudeau's words “You are asking for more than we can give”.  In other words, Rogers now has less content for more money. Just about every other month when I see my cable bill there's a note at the bottom about another channel or two being removed.  And if you want to shop around for a better deal from other providers and switch because the grass looks greener, you'll never get back what you had if you want to return. All the bundling that most customers are subscribed to makes it even more of a nightmare. Apparently, even if you switch to Ignite TV and find that it's a lot more buggy than all the growing reports from early adopters (server congestion?) you can't switch back to what you had before.

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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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Just jumped back in here!

My promos wore out (expired) so I am PAYING THRU the NOSE and they ARE removing channels from my VIP package!

I tried to negotiate w/ BELL a few months ago which was HOPELESS.

In addition, 2 make matters worse, (AND ROGERS PLEASE DON'T REMOVE THIS POST (PEOPLE should KNOW!)) the services FAIL more and more often.


Last night all 3 services failed (internet which was rough all day (chronic problem = long-term); CABLE (daily problems; long-term (I have my own case (a valid option) on the recording one listens to) and phone (which ensured I could not call rogers.) Plus around 2:00 AM onward, they do maintenance so they cannot record you, nor your account nor compensation .... so there's no point in calling).




IMO they lost SO many people with their navigator dump 3(?) years ago that very few in my area use rogers so Rogers doesn't care about maintaining lines / installing temp servers, etc.


They will send out a senior tech (& I did request this b/c most of the sub-contracted techs have damaged unrelated / related items)!

I AM grateful that they are sending a senior technician


But I already know the problem which is Rogers' use of the CHEAPEST SLOWEST WORST cables and networking devices for those of us LOYAL to / 2 LAZY 2 leave Rogers!

Rogers: I am your conscience: Please don’t remove this post!

Thank you!

Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

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No matter where you go every business is now looking at their bottom line with a microscope. Service is a dirty word. They all want your money without having to give you anything for it. Doesn't matter which business. They're all chopping staff, sub-contracting and cutting back what they sell, while raising prices. We have to consider how much income we have and what portion of it we're willing to spend on entertainment. Some people will always be willing to spend more than others. With TV and Internet and phones we have to decide what do we really need and how much can we afford to hand over to the peddlers of stuff. Service providers, banks and coffee shops will try their best to part you from your money, offering you what seem like good deals. Most times they are empty promises. You pay so much now only to find a few years down the road it's costing you a lot more. They chip away at you and no white knight is going to come riding in to battle the bad guys. This is reality.