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PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I'm a Senior Contributor


My family's used Roger's since early 1970's. I have had ongoing issues since 2013. (Mostly cable). I was getting Promos which was the only reason I stayed (although Bell wasn't improving - home phone.)

I have (had) VIP package with several theme packs but promos ran out last week.

I was "sold" the "Premier" which I was told had everything I had, but was cheaper. I compared yesterday and 300+ channels VS. 170+ channels; MOST of the ones I (and others) watch were excluded. I also was told that there could be NO PROMOS with the VIP anymore. Can they do that?

It's MUCH cheaper for Rogers, a bit for me, but since I and others here USE TV 24 hours a day, we wanted the extra channels but cannot afford the having no VIP promos.



Anyone have any advice? Try Bell?

Rogers used to be for the customer but within last year has become rude, to get techs is DAYS waiting, most are not good one destructive and incompetent. Anyone else notice this?

Overall service has been horrible for all 3 I have: home phone, internet and cable.




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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I've Been Here Awhile

What I do differently now is I research beforehand, I write down bits and pieces of info that I might want to talk about with Rogers and I choose a time and day to make that call when I can concentrate, and am not cranky from lack of food or sleep.

When I  call Rogers  I am polite, ask the CSR by their name how they are. I try to be clear about my reason(s) for calling without getting into dead end negative conversation. 

Change is good even if I end up with less channels. I  would rather have a good professional means of communication and negation with Rogers than not. 

I don't even remember most of what I used to watch during the VIP days. 

Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I've Been Here Awhile

I agree.  They should display the channels that are included in each package.  If they won't, then I think they are crooks.  I asked for this info when negotiating with them and they refused to supply that info.  I think they want to divide and conquer through each one of us having a different package.  I am looking forward to the new satellite streaming services on the way with lower prices than Rogers or Bell.

Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi doug59!


I think other posts regarding this subject have mentioned that the channel lineup for each package is displayed. (Click on SHOP drop down menu to TV...)

In defence of my many decades with Rogers and going through many trails and tribulations of becoming better communicators with each other, Rogers is not in the business of being crooks nor out to ’shoot themselves in the foot’.

Rogers wants customers to be happy with their services and I know they try. Negotiating works best for all when you the customer has done some research prior to making that phone call. 

I think sometimes negotiating a new deal etc., can cause a lot of anxiety even before the call, just anticipating the unknown.

So besides researching Rogers promos, deals bundles etc., there are lots of very helpful articles on the internet with great advices and suggestions about the art of getting past that anxiety and learning how to communicate in a more successful and business-like way.

When I call Rogers I have notes beside me of questions and a pen to jot down different points said while on the phone. 

Greet the person who answers your call with a ‘good morning’ or whatever. If you didn’t catch their name, ask and then write it down so you can use it while talking/negotiating. Ask them how their day is going, be polite, friendly and be clear about what you are looking for. Even if they aren’t offering you what you hoped for you can still be polite and thank them for the offer but it’s not what you want.

If you feel that you are not getting anywhere you can always end the call respectfully and try calling back later on or the next day or week.

We, us the public  are very challenging to please and in general can make a CSR’s stress level soar. 

Being accusatory, defensive, quick tempered, demanding with the person on the other end of the phone, does not make anyone feel good and certainly doesn’t create a desire or motivate the CSR to dig a bit deeper into what else can they do to make you happy.

It is a 2 way street. When I call Rogers for anything, I project a positive, polite Luna. If I am anxious about the call, I find away of conveying that nicely. 

Compliments, acknowledgements being forgiving goes a very long way in a good way.

Years ago I would start off my call to Rogers in a not so nice way and I can tell you my experiences were not good.

I have learn’t a lot since and to finish up a call with Rogers,  to be told by the CSR  they enjoyed talking with me and we both had a bit of a giggle in between problem solving an issue, makes both of us feel so much light hearted.


Having been with Bell for just under 2 very long months was more than enough for me to do my best to be a life long loyal customer of Rogers.

Just beware of Bell’s promise for lower prices..they will jack up our rates in a flash if you sneeze the wrong way! 

Rogers wants to be fair and Rogers has worked and to make your bill readable.

Bell’s break down of services and charges should come with a warning that trying to find justice and clarity can cause you to become quite ill.

On that note, I have to go pay my Rogers bill now!

All the best!




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Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I'm a Senior Contributor


Just a quick reply.

Rogers has treated me worse than garbage (increasingly so) The PROBLEMS are insurmountable. Having 2 reboot at least 1 time per day (if not more) and 1 box requires resetting sound and much MORE with the TV remote for each reboot.... And rthe known issues persist. I found out that promos expire in a few days. After this, I have talked w/ Bell also b/c I had Bell home phone for YEARS, and it almost NEVER went out. Rogers on the other hand has regular outages. Internet CRAWLS at best. I cannot access many on demand anything because the scroll stops on any random page and won't proceed.

Customer service / "tech support" have been amazing hanging up on me often.


There is a limit especially when one pays more & more, gets less & less with technical issues EVERY day.

All I need to know is whether Bell has a playlist feature. And I have in writing that prices will remain low / discounted for X number of months and will not exceed certain amounts.


I'm glad you are getting treated so well by rogers.



Re: PREMIER vs. VIP, Customer treatment OR ma BELL?

I'm a Senior Contributor

Thank you for replying.

I look at it differently: I pay rogers (A GREAT DEAL) every month. (Automatically). They are not paying me.
I don't say "I am so sorry I don't have the money I'm working on it" ... They however are constantly NOT DELIVERING what I pay for ut they are sorry. I could have called 3 times yesterday (Being on hold etc.) - I don't have the time or lifestyle allowing me to calm down and wait until I am in a good mood so I can be polite and ask them why I have to reboot SEVERAL times per day, why my email has not shown up whereas my gmail accounts have HOURS B4 (Same messages). Why I need to reboot my modem once a day (to print) Why IO have to manually set audio on one box after each reboot …

Change is good but not when I am PAYING MUCH more for movies playing on FEWER CHANNELS, slower internet, and dead phones for MUCH MORE money (and an apology).

We have been rogers’ customers for YEARS since B4 it was called rogers!

They are "phasing out" (Forcing out) the VIP. The packages to add are non-inclusive (meaning I'd need 3 or 4 to continue watching what I DO WATCH.).
The “best” has 170 channels and would be FAR MORE with the add-ons. And I do WATCH THEM.

And NO end in sight for the technical problems that my area has to deal with routinely (at least once daily if not more.)
When they were nice it DID make a difference. But more and more, their CSR are increasingly unpleasant and unyielding! It’s like I should be grateful that rogers allows me to use their servers
They are becoming more and more like sears.

I cannot see how that kind of change is good for me in any way.